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♥ What’s UpSeXy ♥

This post was originally posted on DECEMBER 11, 2011 and linking it to

Ok, so tonight or early morning.. whichever you choose to think. Its 2:21am here and I’m just still up. The child is asleep and the husband is upstairs watching his tv and crap and so I decided since I didn’t feel tired, I would scope out some blogs.
Now, this is awesome. I found this while stalking around on Liz’s blog and couldn’t stop laughing. Although she was very creative with the multiple people she got, I decided why not just try it for myself. So I did and the victim was my husband. You can read her post here. It is hilarious!
So I went for it and here is the original idea that got it started from damnfunnytexts.com and seems to be blowing up around blogging because it has spun into a domino effect making it totally hilarious.
So here is mine and the husband’s conversation from just now:
hahaha as you can tell, he was not amused and came out of the bedroom upstairs to ask me what the hell is wrong with me…lol…he thinks I’m truly retarded now. Oh well. I think its awesome to the 1000% extreme.
So, are you up for the upsexy challenge? Try it on someone to make your day a little better!