♥ The Weather Outside Is... ♥

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful

But since we have no place to go, let it sno…….WAIT! What?

Not here anyway. While the rest of the county is dealing with cold degrees and snow, ice, wind,and rain, it is nothing like that here. The weather outside is frightfully HOT! Humid and almost unbearable to be outside. I have been trying hard to not have to turn on the AC. The wind hasn’t blown at all and it hasn’t gotten much cooler.

It got to 84 degrees today. It is going to be a very warm Christmas. We went to the mall today and everyone was in there sweating their balls off. We had to buy some more shorts for our daughter because it’s just too hot out to put her in pants. Everyone was also out by the pool today too. I was going to go, but just too exhausted to get out there.

We are spending Christmas Eve at LegoLand tomorrow and hopefully it’s just a bit cooler outside then it was today.


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and hopefully staying warm while us down here will be trying to stay cool. While you all are drinking hot chocolate and snuggled up in your sweaters, we are having iced drinks and wearing tank tops :)

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