Well, some of you know that my husband creates video games. Sadly, at the moment, he has been out of work but back from June 2009-June 2010, he was located to Texas while I stayed in Florida to work on the highly anticipated



Almost everyone has heard of this game and from people I have spoke to, have been waiting years for it’s release. Well guess what? It was just finally released today.

This makes my husband’s third game release title under his belt. The other two games he worked on were both for EA were


I’m proud of him. He worked many long hours at BioWare being the level/world builder for the game. We spent an entire year apart just so that he could be there doing what he loves. This game has such high anticipation and so many fans. Its been so long in the making and it has been finally released today. You can visit the official website for the game HERE

These are a few screenshots of the worlds he built for the game:

vs13new level3new level15new level22new level31

I’m very proud of how talented he is and we are now waiting for our copy of the game to add to his collection. So three official, big name titles under his belt. All three with EA. And here’s to many more games he will be making!

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