♥ Happy Birthday To My Blog ♥

So it’s my blogoversary which means it’s my blog’s 1st birthday! Happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you.

So it seems that one year ago today I signed up and registered this name with blogger not knowing at all what I was going to be getting myself into. I have had numerous blogs in the past which I have started then deleted and so on. I would be inspired at first, then lose interest and let them go. But this one was different.

I created it today on December 19th, 2010 and actually didn’t have a blog post until January. I basically took that time to figure out what blogging really was and the fun of it and trying to design and create my own blog template and layout. Which, I did, if anyone can remember it was apples I first designed.

So after a year, the stats goes as follows:

Since December 19th, 2010, I have had:

♥ 388 Posts

Top Three Countries Viewing
♥ United States 24,820
♥ Canada 1,386
♥ United Kingdom 1,029

Top Three Browsers
♥ Internet Explorer 11,330 (32%)
♥ Firefox 8,844 (25%)
♥ Chrome 8,821 (25%)

Top Three Operating Systems
♥ Windows 27,509 (79%)
♥ Macintosh 3,761 (10%)
♥ iPhone 1,269 (3%)

And my most popular post of the year with 1,162 Pageviews:
A Picture Of Someone Who Inspires You

And the top keywords used to search for my blog
♥ Edgar Degas Paintings
♥ Degas
♥ Degas Ballerina
♥ Horror Movies
♥ Scary Movies
♥ Why You No Face
♥ Jonathan Rhys Meyers
♥ Key of Life Tattoo
♥ Lust

So thank you to all who continue making me feel special on here. I never thought this blog would make it a year. I'm hoping for many more!

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