♥ Ending The Year With A Funny ♥


So goodbye 2011 and hello 2012. Hopefully this will be a good year regardless with what Obama just did to us today. Hopefully the American people get smart and stand up for ourselves. He has really took the role of worst president ever after his signing of the NDAA today. But that’s a whole new story I’m sure you will hear me writing about.

Anywho….. to end the year off with some laughs and a bang, here are some real books that every parent should check out. I know I will!


If You Give A Kid A Cookie


Go The F** To Sleep


Goodnight iPad


So Happy Happy and Merry Merry and enjoy ringing in the New Year. I will. I will be cleaning and cussing at my husband why I have to pick up his shit all over the house. Then probably grab some booze and attempt to have drunken sex..lol..maybe, maybe not. Who knows. Depends if the kid is still awake or not. Ha. Enjoy!


And ending on a note: Here is my New Years Resolution


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