♥ Tree, Lights, Santa… Oh My ♥

So, of course, I seem to have started a bunch of rants and raves for my “not celebrating Thanksgiving”. Don’t see why? Its just 12santaanother day. If you love celebrating it, I’m so happy for you. If it makes you happy, then why not? But why bash someone who doesn’t? I don’t understand why people have to put others down for not “following them” lets say. I just choose for me or my family not to participate in it.

So of course, I do not celebrate Thanksgiving and now another ritual I do not do. Putting up my Christmas decorations this early. I seem to be the only person on my facebook page who still hasn’t put up their Christmas tree. A few people I know put their decorations and trimmings up right after Halloween. Now, I’m not going to bash, but please, just tell me why!? Why Why Why? I guess I will never understand. Maybe I’m just the odd one in all this.

But growing up, my mom did not believe in putting up the tree or any decorations until the Saturday before Christmas. That meant if Christmas came on Monday, it was up two days prior. Or if it fell on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, we would put it up the week before. That’s just how I grew up so to me, seeing 12 foot Santas on peoples porches or their lawns looking like Christmas threw up on it right now, well, honestly, just confuses me. But you know what? If it makes them happy, then it makes them happy and that’s all that matters. And yes, I took this photo to the right of our neighbor’s patio. They have a creepy 12 foot Santa on their balcony and at night, its all crazy scary looking all lit up. His face glows and so does the 5000 lights around him. This came right up on Nov 1st…..I think this lady is a crazy cat woman too!

This is the face I make everytime I seem to be asked why my decorations aren’t up yet:


Yea, that’s the face. I feel like stabbing myself in the eye when I am asked where’s all my Christmas vomit. I have decided that I will probably put up our tree the Saturday after St. Nikolas Tag so that would be the 10th of December. It evens sounds a bit too early for me but I think that will be good since it will be two weeks from Christmas. And plus we will be doing St, Nikolas Tag that week so it will get me in the Christmas mood.

Don't get me wrong…I LOVE Christmas. It is actually my favorite holiday of the year. I just don’t start decorating for it until it’s almost Christmas. Maybe its just how I was brought up. My mom had a very strict rule about when to put up the tree. So I guess it has seeped into my brain. Its just odd to me to see people with their trees and decorations up now. But you know, everyone does the holidays different.

So here’s to a merry year! Bottoms up…

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