♥ The Superstitious Me ♥

A few close friends know about my odd ways. I have a lot of weird phobias and picky things about me that not a lot of stock-vector-collection-of-vector-superstitions-collage-44212345other people I have met also share. Like, my phobia to touch any of my food with out a fork, or how I cannot have more then one food item on a plate at a time. I cannot drink out of the same glass twice or drink from the same spot on the glass as well.

Yea, I have a lot of food phobias. And also, I am a very superstitious person. But not the type that doesn’t like a black cat to cross their path or can’t walk under a ladder or if I break a mirror, I have bad luck for seven years. No, not that type. I’m completely a whole different level when it comes to superstitions.

As far back as I can remember, I have been this way. If I got ready in the morning for school and I washed my hair, washed my body, got dressed, then brushed my teeth and had a good day when it was all said and done, I would repeat that pattern over and over again every single day knowing, that routine gave me a good day.

If I switched it up and maybe brushed my teeth, then washed my hair and so on and I had a bad day, I knew to avoid that pattern. It has been an on going thing all my life to have these superstitious patterns. With everything and anything I do. Sound a little crazy? To a few it has. To me, it is a normal day.

numbersBut another big superstition I have that a few know too well about me is my superstition with numbers. Now, not that I avoid the number 13 or stuff like that. I have to have planned dates and times in a strict numerical form. Sounds confusing? Let me explain…..

I have to have dates all planned dates two odd numbers and one even number. It is a must. I have a thing with odd numbers. I am not a fan of even numbers. Therefore, everything in my life that is an important date has to have two odd numbers in it. I know I didn't plan my birthdate, but because of it, I feel there is some connection why I have a thing for odd numbers

Example – my birthdate is 03 {odd} 21 {odd} 82 {even}

My daughter’s due date was 11 {odd} 01 {odd} 06 {even}

My wedding day 01 {odd} 24 {even} 09 {odd}

With my wedding date, people had always asked me why I chose that day. Was it an important day in our relationship? Perhaps the first date or the day he proposed or something that was memorable? My answer is no. It was the odd/even/odd pattern that drew me to that date. Something told me in my head and my heart this was the date. I’m not crazy, I swear. I’m just so completely picky when it comes to dates.

baby sleeping sizedWhich brings to another crazy superstitious thing about me and dates. I have issues with months and baby’s due dates. I’m sure everyone will think I’m crazy after this. But this is the truth. I have a few certain times out of the year I do not to have any of my children born. As far as months go, I just have this thing with baby’s being born in particular months and it kind of freaks me out in a way.

For example, I do not want my child/children to ever have a June or July birthday. There is something about those two months that gives me the creeps about my child being born then. No summer babies. I can’t do it. Something with the “J” in the summer rubs me wrong. Do I sound weird? I’m sure I do. But I don’t want a summer baby.


Also, if I were to ever have a boy, I do not want them to be born in February or April. Those two months have bad vibes for me and boys. I do not know why and can’t really explain. Just do not want that.

My good luck months that I have ideal in my head for having a child is January, March, August, October. Those are pretty much the only months I feel comfortable with numbers and my crazy superstitions to want my child to have a birthday in.

None of these have anything to do with religion, or cultural or anything else I have been asked about. Its just something extremely picky inside me that has made me overly obsessed with these sort of things.

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