★ Shit I Hate Sunday ★

Shit I Hate.....People who swear their marriage/relationship is perfect. Whatever, you are not a fairy-tale character. Stop bragging like your shit don't stink. Every relationship has issues & problems. Yes, some more then others, but seriously? You're not fooling anyone.

Shit I Hate.....That I had to waste my weekend being glued to a bed and a toilet because a cyst decided to explode inside my body again. I hate this. Last time it happened was exactly a year ago. If this is going to be annual thing, you can take it back. Threw up eight times and screamed in pain for about 20 hours. Not the way I wanted to spend my days off.

Shit I Hate.....Thinking about regrets and the "what ifs". Why can't I just let things like that go? I hate being that kind of person on everything.

Shit I Hate.....That my pin number magically decided to stop working while buying something. And even worse, the bank's number isn't working properly at the moment to contact them to see WTF is up with that. I'll call tomorrow. Should be up then.

Shit I Hate.....That after washing clothes, discovered poop falling out of the dryer. Rank, nasty, and horrible smell taking over the laundry room from fried cat poop. Yes, the cat decided to take a dump in the pile of laundry that I threw into the wash. Didn't discover it until after it came out out of the dryer. So guess what I had the pleasure of doing? Yup, scrubbing the dryer and washer and then rewashing the clothes. How she managed that one, I don't know.

Shit I Hate.....Feeling like you are being ignored or someone is tired of you. I get this feeling a lot and I'm not liking it. I want attention. Stop ignoring me! And help out...arggghhhh. Obviously, this is a personal thing..lol

Shit I Hate.....The fact that I am now back to the size I was after I gave birth and that I weigh the same as when I was about to give birth. Seriously? This sucks. I feel like such a fat ass. Having to go out and buy clothes that I feel are just not me. I can't be this size jean. I hate it. I hate myself for getting to this point as well. I never had a weight problem, now, its depressing. Not to mention how a certain friend of mine always calls me the "fatty" now. Really is getting to me. I hate being known as the "fat friend".

Shit I Hate.....That everyone seems to be so against something, but after one particular person is doing it or it happened to them, all of a sudden, its ok. WTF? This is happening in my life right now with some people. Some people I know were so against getting pregnant and said they would kill themselves if they found out they were. But now that one other girl is, it's all of a sudden ok and no one seems to mind anymore and they say "well, since so and so is pregnant, I guess I wouldn't mind being it too now." If you want to, then do it. If not, then don't. Stop waiting for someone else to and make it like the "hey, let's jump on the bandwagon" sort of thing. Its becoming really annoying.

Shit I Hate.....Sunday nights because that means i have to get my ass up early in the morning for work on Monday. Damn you two day weekends.

Yup, the kitty has it pretty down packed. I hate it all!

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