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♥ The Pitter Patter of Little Feet ♥

BabyNames_NameTagSo when is too early to think of children’s names that you and your child will have to live with for the rest of their life? Never! I know…I knew that’s what you were going to say *smiley face*

For some reason or another, I had kept a notebook since as long as I can remember and it was filled with names I loved and names I would want for my kids. Is that odd? Cause I don’t think so.

So of course, I have no idea where that notebook ever was stashed. It probably is in a box in my parents attic somewhere rotting away. But I still write down names I think of on random pieces of paper just to keep and review for my someday children I may have.

I find inspiration for children’s names in the most strangest of places. At least to some, they are strange. To me, it’s creative. Now, I have heard some “creative” names and let me tell you, it’s not being cute or creative. Its called ghetto and trailer trash pickin’ names. I have a few examples of these “lazy” names.

A girl I work with said her mom used to be a nurse and one day a lady gave birth to twin boys. She hadn’t decided on names for them yet and looked down at her tray of food the nurse handed to her earlier and there were two cups of jello. One was lemon flavored the other orange. She decided from then on, the children’s name would be Ormanjello and Lemonjello. Yea, not kidding. Those kids are going to grow up a fucked up life. I can tell ya that right now.

And then there are people who seem to LOVE the apostrophes and dashes in their kids names. I know a lady who has two boys. She decided it would be ever so cute to name them Kam-ron and Kay-don. Please stop. Just stop. Sadly, it gets better {in a bad way}. Another girl whom I heard from a friend just had a baby girl and named her baby La-a {pronounced La dash a} Fucking bash my head into a bloody pulp.

I swear, people like this should just not have kids. Its horrible. Terribly horrible to give your kids such an awful name. I think parents should have to pass a test and if the name is retarded as fuck, shoot them in the head. Then there is also the kids names whom seem normal, but when you put their first and last name together, it just makes a mess.

This one is from total personal experience. I went to middle school with a girl named Precious Midget. Yes, you read right. That was her first and last name. You would think with a name like that in 7th grade, she was begging her parents to let her be home schooled. Surprisingly, she was one of the most popular girls in school. So I guess it wasn’t all too horrible for her. We were in math together and I just remember everything about her. But that name makes me laugh to this day.

Another funny name I read about was a girl named Robin Banks. That’s too funny right there. She was quoted saying neither her mother or father ever worked in the banking world nor did they have any criminal history. But that too makes me laugh a bit when I read it to myself. Of course, there is always the inevitable “Anita Blow & Hairy Balls”. I think every person in America can find those two in their phone books.

Now, there is always some reason why MOST people choose their baby names and not for the retarded reasons as some are listed above. The most common seems to be because it’s a family name or they named the baby to honor a loved one. I hear that a lot. I decided I wanted something a bit different.
I am not into common names. I have a common name. Blah…. I hated being the 4th Becky/Rebecca in each of my classes. It kinda sucked. So I decided I was completely in love with Russian names. At first, it was all German names and then I expanded to pretty much just European names in general. But my list has explanations for why I had each name in mind.

And for me, my list of girl names has been such an easy process but the boy names are so much harder to think of. And on top of that, the hubby always has to agree as well. With our daughter, he basically didn’t care what I chose as long as he could pronounce it and spell it easily. So that was easy enough for me. No arguments there. But when it comes to boy names, he’s more picky about it and seems to not like anything I do nor do I like any of his ideas.

So my list keeps growing. But like I said, I have an explanation for each name on my list and a few are from figures in history which were important and I love those. Although, my daughter’s name came from a video game, I have one particular one in mind if we had a boy that comes from an important figure from the Tudor Dynasty. I love me some Tudors. Can’t get enough of that 16th century English history.

Another thing that drives me a bit crazy with baby names is there are two types of people. Ones that tell the name and those that keep it to themselves. Don't get me wrong, I’m not putting down those that want to keep it a secret but I just wonder why people choose to.
A girl I knew a while ago said when she was pregnant, she kept the name a secret because she didn’t want anyone else to steal the name. Her husband slipped one day telling his sister {who was also pregnant} and she ended up naming her baby the same name and the girl was furious. She was pissed because she wanted her child to only have that name.

By the way, the name she chose was Layla {yes, she said it was from the Eric Clapton song}. But I guess here is where I question certain views on this because do you know how many “Laylas” are out there? Probably a billion. She is not the only child to have this name. So why do people feel its “stealing” if it’s not 100% original? I know they just want to not tell but I don’t see the point of getting upset if someone else likes the name. In fact, wouldn’t it be more of a compliment? I could be wrong.

I decided to share the name when I was pregnant. However, we hadn’t completely decided until she came what her name should be. So I always said, “We are thinking about Torrance Ann or Natalya Elise. But I’m not sure which one I like better. What do you think?”

Everyone told me they liked the name “Natalya” better and in the back of my mind, I did too. So that’s what we chose. But I never minded sharing. I guess I wasn’t frantic or worried about someone “stealing” the name because, like I said, someone somewhere has already picked up that name long before I even thought of it. So what are your thoughts on sharing or not sharing?