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Welcome to another segment of paranormal tales

So glad to have another story to feature this week. I have run out of tales, so please feel free to give a shout out if you would like the participate. Without further ado, this week’s featured story comes from, Nikki {NikkiDarlin’}. And her story begins:

 Something Goes Bump In The Night

I have always been able to hear and see things most people haven't. Not saying that I want to see and hear things I did/do. I really hate it. It scared the crap out of me. It started back in my parents house. My grandmother and great grandmother both passed away in the house. As a kid I could hear someone walking in our hallway. It used to scare me, but then I got really used to it.

One of the most recent paranormal things to happen to me happened around last Christmas. Me and the husband were living in our 1st home together, a small 2 room trailer. We heard small things here and there like things falling, but nothing like this night. We were asleep in bed when I heard it. It being the sound of our window blinds slamming down on the bottom of the window. I thought someone was trying to break in, so I woke the husband and told him to go check it out. I was freaked out and holding the phone getting ready to dial 911. He came back into the bedroom and said there was nothing in the living room and the windows were fine. We laid back down and were almost asleep when I saw it.

It was a 3 foot tall spring-looking thing. It's hard to describe. It was a 3 foot tall spring with legs and arms and kind of smoky looking. It walked through our bedroom door and beside our bed. I was leaning up to see what it was when the husband raised up behind me and saw it too. So I wasn't losing my mind, I have a witness. It walked beside our bed and then was gone. I slept in the middle of our king size bed that night for being so freaked out and a few months later we moved.

We now are living in the new house and I have heard things here too, which brings me to think paranormal things follow me. One afternoon, about a week ago, I was cooking dinner. In our kitchen is the door leading down to the basement. I was chopping up some chicken when the basement door knob turned and opened the door. Freaking out I ran into the living room to see if anyone was in the driveway, thinking maybe someone came in through the back basement door. No one was home but me and my kid, who was in the living room at the time watching TV. I sucked up some courage and open the basement door all the way to see if I could see anything. There was nothing there.


Seeing ghostly mists or hearing noises that just cannot be explained would have my heart racing. But you may be right. There might be something that they are attaching their selves to you and not to the places you are living. Would sure be freaking the hell out of me regardless though. And I think my last straw would be seeing a door knob turning all by itself. That right there would make me shit a brick.

Thank you so much Nikki for sharing your story. Hopefully, you won’t have any more crazy stuff like that going on for a while or maybe not at all. I would go for the never again. I wouldn’t want to hear things and feel scared. Not fun at all.

As always, if you have a tale to tell, please contact me. I need more stories to feature and accepting any and all tales that are personal paranormal experiences. You can contact me at its.just.rebecca@gmail.com for submitting any stories.

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