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Welcome to another segment of paranormal tales

This week’s featured story is by a Paranormal Tales two time veteran, Chrissy {ALilDashOfDiva}. She has some very active, and often, experiences and is no stranger to letting me share them. So I thank you Chrissy for sharing yet, another tale with everyone. This week’s tale is titled:

 I See Dead People

My daughter has always had this extra ‘gift’ for being visited by spirits or ghosts, whatever you are comfortable calling them. I already told you about how she would be visited by my grandpa and knew who he was without us telling her. But it didn’t end with him.

We lived in Peoria for 2 years and during that time Hannah was 1.5 – 3.5 years old. I am one of those paranoid moms whoclip_image002 had to keep the baby monitor in Hannah’s room just to make sure that everything was ok. I know that baby monitors can pick up interference from lots of other things like other baby monitors, tv, phones and things like that. And believe me, living in an apartment we did pick up plenty of that kind of interference. But there were a few times that we picked up some whispers that sounded different than when we got the other interference.

During that same time frame we had a few family deaths happen. One of my husband’s uncles and an aunt (siblings) both died within a year of each other, both of cancer. My husband’s grandparents both passed away a few years before we got married, but they played a huge roll in his life all through growing up. Because they were such a big part of all of his memories, he would tell our daughter lots of stories about them. We had a picture of them in her room with a few other family photos.

Hannah would tell us that Grandpa Cecil and Grandma June came to see her a few times and she liked it when they would come see her. That they would tell her stories and just sit with her. Well, when Sean’s Aunt Sharon passed away we never ever said anything to Hannah. She had never met Sharon, didn’t know who she was and we just didn’t feel the necessity to share that with her at her young age.

clip_image002[7]A few days after Sharon’s passing, Sean was putting Hannah to bed one night and they were talking when Sean said so if Grandpa Cecil and Grandma June come see you, they might have someone new with them and I don’t want you to be afraid. Without even missing a beat, she looked at him and said oh you mean Aunt Sharon? Wait, what?! How could she possibly know that!

She told us that Aunt Sharon had come with Grandpa Cecil and Grandma June the night before and of course she wasn’t afraid of her! We were really surprised with the news that Aunt Sharon had already been ‘introduced’ to her. Like I said, at no time had we ever even said Sharon’s name when Hannah was around. We just didn’t feel she was ready to know about the process of death and explain to her about cancer and how awful it is.

clip_image004About a year later, Uncle Jim passed away also from cancer. Jim was the oldest of June and Cecil’s 4 kids. The last two of their kids includes Sean’s dad, Bob and his sister Norma. Shortly after Jim died, one of his daughters sent us a few pictures. One of them was of Jim with her and one of her kids. I had never even seen a picture of Jim so I know that Hannah surely hadn’t either. When we showed the pictures to Hannah she took the picture with Jim and she said Look Mom, it’s Uncle Jim! Again, wait. What?! I shouldn’t be so surprised every time this happens...but still, every time she knows someone that there is no possible way she should know I am just flabbergasted. I guess I just don’t always want to think about the visitors she gets.

There hasn’t ever been anything malicious to happen when these ghosts come to visit, but it still unsettles me. But I have always heard that our kids are so much more open to ghosts and spirits that that is why they are so often visited and see things that we adults don’t see. It’s because we don’t WANT to see them. They scare us too much to really want to know what might be lurking around our homes. Since then I have tried to open myself up so that she isn’t the only one seeing these things and you know what, I’ve started to see and experience things that really do not logically make any sense. But that is a story for another day…


Your daughter has a real gift. It really sounds like she is getting so much visits and really experiencing these things for real. I personally think its very fascinating when you hear about people who are sensitive and psychic. There’s so much that most of us don’t know and it’s interesting to find those that can know a little but more then most of us do. This story reminds me of a show I started getting into called Psychic Kids. Very interesting and your daughter sounds like so many of these children’s stories.

Thanks again Chrissy for another story. As always, if you have a tale to tell, please contact me. I need more stories to feature and accepting any and all tales that are personal paranormal experiences. You can contact me at its.just.rebecca@gmail.com for submitting any stories.

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