♥ I Say No To Turkey Day ♥

Ok, so Thanksgiving is rolling around quickly and I seriously hate this time of the year. Not for the same reasons you hear most people say. Most people complain about the cold weather {nope, we have been having heat waves down here}. Most people complain about crazy Christmas shopping {nope, I’m a last minute shopper}. No, the thing I complain about is how much I really dislike Thanksgiving. I do not like it I do not like it I do not like it….can I stress it enough?

One…I have never celebrated it and so I am so sick and tired of people asking me what my Thanksgiving Day plans are. I hate hearing it over and over every year {and especially from those who know I don’t celebrate it}. Just drives me crazy to have to sit there and explain why I really don’t give two shits about the lies of Thanksgiving.

Two…There is not one Thanksgiving food known to man that I will eat. I hate it all. Its gross, nasty and I have yet to seehate-turkey-38mm anything served on a Thanksgiving table that probably will not make me vomit or go into a screaming convulsion. This too, I am so sick of hearing people tell me over and over every year, “What?! You don’t eat turkey?” Hell no I don’t eat it. Its not a crime to dislike turkey and every other freakin Thanksgiving food so lay off please! Thank you. I don’t get it. What is such a shock over that? People like completely go ballistic when I tell them I don’t like it. Is it seriously world stopping news? Am I such a huge freak that I don’t like turkey? Cause it seems to be such a big deal to so many.

polls_whatrucelebrating.3_0454_980589_answer_3_xlargeSo when people ask me what my plans for Thanksgiving are….uh well….nothing. Like any other day I have off. I normally order Chinese food and play my Sims game. And clean and just bother my daughter and husband. My husband wants a turkey this year and I told him, alright. You buy it and eat it. I don’t’ have a problem with that. I just don’t want to look at it. I’ll have my beef lo mein and fried rice. Then I’ll be happy and content.

Plus, on top of that, I really do not believe in what Thanksgiving has stood for. Allgenocide_card the hate and violence that this holiday is truly made up from. I do not wish to believe in this when it took so much horror to create it. It really sickens me to even think about it. Thanksgiving was not peaceful and not glamorous. And because of that, I have never celebrated it. So I am hoping for no more then 3 people this year to ask me what my Thanksgiving plans are or I will have to bring out crazy woman on their ass! And Radical Profeminist said it best by saying, “What's to be grateful for? Genocide? Think about THAT while passing the BLOODY cranberry sauce”. Very true indeed. Very sad and true that such a horror has been turned into a fabricated lie and to be celebrated.

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