November 2011 - xoxo Rebecca

♥ Tree, Lights, Santa… Oh My ♥

So, of course, I seem to have started a bunch of rants and raves for my “not celebrating Thanksgiving”. Don’t see why? Its just 12santaanother day. If you love celebrating it, I’m so happy for you. If it makes you happy, then why not? But why bash someone who doesn’t? I don’t understand why people have to put others down for not “following them” lets say. I just choose for me or my family not to participate in it.

So of course, I do not celebrate Thanksgiving and now another ritual I do not do. Putting up my Christmas decorations this early. I seem to be the only person on my facebook page who still hasn’t put up their Christmas tree. A few people I know put their decorations and trimmings up right after Halloween. Now, I’m not going to bash, but please, just tell me why!? Why Why Why? I guess I will never understand. Maybe I’m just the odd one in all this.

But growing up, my mom did not believe in putting up the tree or any decorations until the Saturday before Christmas. That meant if Christmas came on Monday, it was up two days prior. Or if it fell on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, we would put it up the week before. That’s just how I grew up so to me, seeing 12 foot Santas on peoples porches or their lawns looking like Christmas threw up on it right now, well, honestly, just confuses me. But you know what? If it makes them happy, then it makes them happy and that’s all that matters. And yes, I took this photo to the right of our neighbor’s patio. They have a creepy 12 foot Santa on their balcony and at night, its all crazy scary looking all lit up. His face glows and so does the 5000 lights around him. This came right up on Nov 1st…..I think this lady is a crazy cat woman too!

This is the face I make everytime I seem to be asked why my decorations aren’t up yet:


Yea, that’s the face. I feel like stabbing myself in the eye when I am asked where’s all my Christmas vomit. I have decided that I will probably put up our tree the Saturday after St. Nikolas Tag so that would be the 10th of December. It evens sounds a bit too early for me but I think that will be good since it will be two weeks from Christmas. And plus we will be doing St, Nikolas Tag that week so it will get me in the Christmas mood.

Don't get me wrong…I LOVE Christmas. It is actually my favorite holiday of the year. I just don’t start decorating for it until it’s almost Christmas. Maybe its just how I was brought up. My mom had a very strict rule about when to put up the tree. So I guess it has seeped into my brain. Its just odd to me to see people with their trees and decorations up now. But you know, everyone does the holidays different.

So here’s to a merry year! Bottoms up…

• Paranormal Tales – Something Goes Bump In The Night •

paranormal tales

Welcome to another segment of paranormal tales

So glad to have another story to feature this week. I have run out of tales, so please feel free to give a shout out if you would like the participate. Without further ado, this week’s featured story comes from, Nikki {NikkiDarlin’}. And her story begins:

 Something Goes Bump In The Night

I have always been able to hear and see things most people haven't. Not saying that I want to see and hear things I did/do. I really hate it. It scared the crap out of me. It started back in my parents house. My grandmother and great grandmother both passed away in the house. As a kid I could hear someone walking in our hallway. It used to scare me, but then I got really used to it.

One of the most recent paranormal things to happen to me happened around last Christmas. Me and the husband were living in our 1st home together, a small 2 room trailer. We heard small things here and there like things falling, but nothing like this night. We were asleep in bed when I heard it. It being the sound of our window blinds slamming down on the bottom of the window. I thought someone was trying to break in, so I woke the husband and told him to go check it out. I was freaked out and holding the phone getting ready to dial 911. He came back into the bedroom and said there was nothing in the living room and the windows were fine. We laid back down and were almost asleep when I saw it.

It was a 3 foot tall spring-looking thing. It's hard to describe. It was a 3 foot tall spring with legs and arms and kind of smoky looking. It walked through our bedroom door and beside our bed. I was leaning up to see what it was when the husband raised up behind me and saw it too. So I wasn't losing my mind, I have a witness. It walked beside our bed and then was gone. I slept in the middle of our king size bed that night for being so freaked out and a few months later we moved.

We now are living in the new house and I have heard things here too, which brings me to think paranormal things follow me. One afternoon, about a week ago, I was cooking dinner. In our kitchen is the door leading down to the basement. I was chopping up some chicken when the basement door knob turned and opened the door. Freaking out I ran into the living room to see if anyone was in the driveway, thinking maybe someone came in through the back basement door. No one was home but me and my kid, who was in the living room at the time watching TV. I sucked up some courage and open the basement door all the way to see if I could see anything. There was nothing there.


Seeing ghostly mists or hearing noises that just cannot be explained would have my heart racing. But you may be right. There might be something that they are attaching their selves to you and not to the places you are living. Would sure be freaking the hell out of me regardless though. And I think my last straw would be seeing a door knob turning all by itself. That right there would make me shit a brick.

Thank you so much Nikki for sharing your story. Hopefully, you won’t have any more crazy stuff like that going on for a while or maybe not at all. I would go for the never again. I wouldn’t want to hear things and feel scared. Not fun at all.

As always, if you have a tale to tell, please contact me. I need more stories to feature and accepting any and all tales that are personal paranormal experiences. You can contact me at for submitting any stories.

♥ Tired & Can’t Sleep ♥

Ugh, so you know it’s exactly 1:00am here and I cannot sleep. Yes, I have to wake up in a few hours and go to work all freakin day. Ugh….just thinking about it makes my head vomit inside. I do, really appreciate the fact I do not work in retail or with customer service or anything like that. So at least it’s low key, but damn, still can’t sleep and have to be up soon.

The reason I can’t sleep is because there is some stupid dumb young kids in the next building over {yes, I live in an apartment} and so they are loud, annoying, obnoxious, smoking weed, drinking and playing their music. They are outside doing all this and it’s super annoying. I had to shut our windows and even with them shut, it sounds like the people are right outside our door. They are that loud.

I have yelled a few times outside to them saying “Shut the FUCK up”. Yet, that got them all pissed off and started screaming back at my like the drunk fools they are. So I went out there a few times and yelled to them to shut the hell up but of course, it added fuel to the fire and they got louder.

So I did the next best thing. I called the police to report a noise disturbance. But of course, like the the good old police, nothing came out of that. I was transferred numerous times and put on hold by every freakin person. Finally, after being on hold for so long, I had to just hang up. Figures. The police are worthless. If I was being robbed or attacked, I would have been dead by now. Stupid bastards.

So anyway, trying to get to sleep, I decided playing games and watching movies {and of course, writing this} may help. Hopefully anyway. So I’m watching The Hangover and played my Sims Social on facebook. Yes, don’t hate, I’m obsessed with that game. Take a look at my pretty pretty pink house I have going on there. Its so girly and sick. Doesn’t it just make you want to puke? I LOVE it!!!!! It’s totally me. If I was single and alone, I’d totally have a house like this dammit.


♥ That Friday Blog Hop {28} ♥

Welcome to the 28th week of That Friday Blog Hop Another week, another hop.

Any and everything is welcome. Link up whatever you choose. I'm not picky this week. Family friendly or not... doesn't matter. Just find some awesome blogs to check out! Link up below and have an awesome week!!!!

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♥ The Buzz About Me {11} ♥

Welcome to another week of the BUZZ ABOUT ME! This is week eleven now and I must apologize for not having one last week. By now everyone knows the rules. But they are posted every week just in case. This week I am only posting five questions up.

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The Rules:
1. Write a post with your answers provided to each week's questions
2. Place the button in your post so others can find this link back
3. Have fun and come back every week

This Weeks Questions:

1. As a child, did you have one item/toy you were attached to?
2. What would you consider to be your top three favorite holidays?
3. What is your earliest memory?
4. Name three features about yourself you think is sexy
5. What was your very first pet?


1. As a child, did you have one item/toy you were attached to?
When I was really young, I stole a blanket from my brother that I claimed and conquered as my own. It was a blue blanket and I named it "sucky". I dragged that thing around with me for years and would constantly bite and suck on it.

2. What would you consider to be your top three favorite holidays?
Number one...Christmas
Number two...Halloween
Number three...Valentines Day

3. What is your earliest memory
The thing I can remember from the farthest back was when I was 2 years old and we were living up in Alaska. My mom was a stay at home mom and she would take me and my brother to this kiddie gym inside this big rec center. My memory is I remember faintly playing in the big tunnels in that center and running around on the mats they had laying on the floor

4. Name three features about yourself you think is sexy
Number one...eyes
Number two...nose
Number three...boobs

5. What was your very first pet?
When I was five years old, we had a cat named Kitty. I loved that animal. We had to give her to my uncle a few years later when we moved to Germany because we couldn't take her overseas with us at the time. It killed me when I found out she had died. I hated my uncle for years for that. She was my first pet love and such a great cat too.


♥ Pin it Tuesday–All About Pink ♥

Those days when you are feeling down and not pretty, well, those are the days I turn to everything PINK

Everything is better in PINK so here is my Pinterest link up collection this week:

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Crazy About My Baybah

Another Monday

My new theme song "the best part of waking up, is pissing people off" (sung with the melody off the folgers commercial) yup yup!

♥ I Say No To Turkey Day ♥

Ok, so Thanksgiving is rolling around quickly and I seriously hate this time of the year. Not for the same reasons you hear most people say. Most people complain about the cold weather {nope, we have been having heat waves down here}. Most people complain about crazy Christmas shopping {nope, I’m a last minute shopper}. No, the thing I complain about is how much I really dislike Thanksgiving. I do not like it I do not like it I do not like it….can I stress it enough?

One…I have never celebrated it and so I am so sick and tired of people asking me what my Thanksgiving Day plans are. I hate hearing it over and over every year {and especially from those who know I don’t celebrate it}. Just drives me crazy to have to sit there and explain why I really don’t give two shits about the lies of Thanksgiving.

Two…There is not one Thanksgiving food known to man that I will eat. I hate it all. Its gross, nasty and I have yet to seehate-turkey-38mm anything served on a Thanksgiving table that probably will not make me vomit or go into a screaming convulsion. This too, I am so sick of hearing people tell me over and over every year, “What?! You don’t eat turkey?” Hell no I don’t eat it. Its not a crime to dislike turkey and every other freakin Thanksgiving food so lay off please! Thank you. I don’t get it. What is such a shock over that? People like completely go ballistic when I tell them I don’t like it. Is it seriously world stopping news? Am I such a huge freak that I don’t like turkey? Cause it seems to be such a big deal to so many.

polls_whatrucelebrating.3_0454_980589_answer_3_xlargeSo when people ask me what my plans for Thanksgiving are….uh well….nothing. Like any other day I have off. I normally order Chinese food and play my Sims game. And clean and just bother my daughter and husband. My husband wants a turkey this year and I told him, alright. You buy it and eat it. I don’t’ have a problem with that. I just don’t want to look at it. I’ll have my beef lo mein and fried rice. Then I’ll be happy and content.

Plus, on top of that, I really do not believe in what Thanksgiving has stood for. Allgenocide_card the hate and violence that this holiday is truly made up from. I do not wish to believe in this when it took so much horror to create it. It really sickens me to even think about it. Thanksgiving was not peaceful and not glamorous. And because of that, I have never celebrated it. So I am hoping for no more then 3 people this year to ask me what my Thanksgiving plans are or I will have to bring out crazy woman on their ass! And Radical Profeminist said it best by saying, “What's to be grateful for? Genocide? Think about THAT while passing the BLOODY cranberry sauce”. Very true indeed. Very sad and true that such a horror has been turned into a fabricated lie and to be celebrated.

♥ Friday Funny–Craigslist ♥

Another Friday, another funny. This one comes from craigslist. Oh, the funny things people post on there. This one is one I personally found. I took this screen shot of an ad I found here in my town of someone needing to get rid of their puppy to a good home. The ad is funny as hell and I couldn’t help but laugh until I cried when I read it:


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♥ Wordless Wednesday–BK Style ♥


So I took this photo today while on my lunch break at Burger King. As I stood there waiting for my food, the lady putting the food into everyone’s bags had her back turned and had laid her bag of cash from the register right there facing out on the counter inches away from my hands.

I was like, you’re kidding me right? I snapped this and a few other shots and then finally someone said something to her. How can you leave a bag of cash laying out for the world to see? I sure could have used it, but took my onion rings and went back to work. The frog is supposed to be the reenactment of what I was plotting in my head the whole time.


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♥ Pin It Tuesday ♥

So this is my first time linking up with Pin It Tuesday. I have actually not really gotten too big into Pinterest just yet. I’m slowly, but surely. It looks awesome. Just when I have started, it took too much time so I had to stop. And so since I first started, I am just posting everything so far I have pinned. Not too much, but more then what I think I will be pinning in the future. So here it goes:

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Crazy About My Baybah