★ What the FUCK Wednesday?! ★


WTF.....That some people can work their ass off and get scolded if they mess up once. But other people can fuck up all the time and not do a damn thing and all they get is “try harder” WTF? No, we are all equal in this job. Either shape up or ship out

WTF.....That Steve Jobs died today. Its very sad. He was one of the most influential people in the technology world of our lifetime. He changed the way the world communicated and brought new ideas to things people never thought possible. Poor guy. Cancer is a bitch.

WTF.....I am annoyed by every little thing tonight. I hate that

WTF.....Today is only Wednesday? I keep thinking it’s Thursday. WTF!!!!!! Not fair

WTF.....That my vacation is still two weeks away. I wish it were this week. I need it

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