♥ Vacation Rewind ♥

Well, its been a week since my vacation and life is back to normal. Hectic and crazy. My vacation was sort of the same. It should have gone better then it did. But in any case, it was nice to see my parents. Although it was a stressful vacation, we still had fun. Did a whole lot and no one is really used to that much excitement in a matter of a few days anymore. So here is a layout of my little map I made to see where we went:
So I stayed local as you can see, I live in central Florida. But it was nice for my parents to fly down from up north and get out of the cold. We went to DisneyWorld, LegoLand, and the beach. They also went to Universal Studios one of the days as well with my dumbass brother. I hope one day to take a real vacation away from home but until then, its fun for my parents to come down here and enjoy all the tourist things.
My vacation started off with my little baby girl turning the big age of five on October 19th. Five years old. Can you believe it? Doesn’t seem like she has been in our lives for that long. Seems like yesterday we were rocking her in our arms, changing her diapers and up all hours of the night for feedings and cryings.
So this year, we threw a big birthday party at her school with all her friends and teachers instead of at home. She wanted an all SpongeBob birthday and she got one. It was so much SpongeBob, my head was spinning. She had a blast and so did all the kids in her class.
photo 1 (6)   photo 2 (7)photo 3 (6)   photo 4 (5)
That’s my little birthday girl above munching on her yummy pizza. She loved all the attention she got that day
The kids had pizza, beat the crap out of a piñata and lots of cake. There was the main cake and a cookie cake as well of great goody bags we made up as well. And as her birthday gift, she got an American Girl doll and tons of accessories and clothes for her and the doll to match. I always wanted one when I was little but never got one so my parents went crazy and pretty much bought out the whole store for her. This was one of the little sets they got her all set up.
The next day after her birthday, we went to DisneyWorld. Magic Kingdom has Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween every year and we went last year and had a blast. So this year, we went again. We got lots of candy from trick or treating with all the Disney characters and my daughter loved meeting all her favorite ones. She always enjoys it when we go. We went on lots of rides and was there from 3:45pm to 1:00am. So a very long day for everyone.
photo 1 (4)photo 2 (5)photo 2 (6)photo 4 (4)photo 4 (3)photo 1 (3)photo 3 (4)photo 2 (4)
So here are a few photos out of the many I took. We have gone to Disney so much that there are only so many pictures you can take of the same things and do, ya know? All the cute character photos we took are my favs. That is my favorite thing to do there. She was just so exhausted that you can really see it in the pics. I also really love taking pics of the fireworks at night. But she got to wear her Halloween costume the whole time. Last year we brought home 15 pounds of candy. This year, not as much but still I would say a good 6-7 pounds. It was still fun. Just a long day.
So LegoLand opened up a week and a half ago down here so my dad just up and surprised us with tickets. It wasn’t on our original agenda. But needless to say I was excited because I wanted to go. We have been to the one in Denmark and that was loads of fun. This one is so new that while it was fun, it wasn’t like the one in Denmark and still had a lot of things to be done to it. Rides broke down on us and things weren’t working properly. But it was good for what it was. Everything was made out of legos which is fun to look at and see.
 photo 4 (2)photo 2 (2)photo 1 (7)photo 5photo 1photo 4 (1)photo 5 (1)photo 2 (8)
The last big thing I did with my parents {besides a lot of shopping the next day} was going to Daytona Beach. Now, this isn’t all that great because I work right over here so I see and go over this way everyday but I never get to just to straight to the beach. So I loved it. I love coming here and just relaxing and playing in the sand and water. The beach is so nice. Powder sand that feels good on your toes and the beautiful fresh air from the ocean. And the best part was, there was hardly anyone there that day so it felt perfect. And of course, there were barely any clouds in the sky. Perfect for a wonderful tan.
photo 1 (1)photo 3 (1)photo 2 (1)photo 4photo 2
Of course, we did a lot of shopping. Got a ton of new clothes for me and my daughter. And it wouldn’t be complete without a new look to go with it. So I changed myself completely around with a new hair cut and dyed my hair super dark. I feel like a rockstar now! So here are two of the photos with my cut but hair color before and then my hair color after getting all the lighter blonde out.
photo 2 (3)photo 3 (3)photo 31
             Me & my hubby ;0)                         Its me again!                       Going Golden Brown

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