♥ Time To Party? Almost… ♥

So in a little over a week, we will be partying down to my daughter’s 5th birthday! Wow, can you believe that? She will be five years old. Five whole years we have had her in our lives and dealt with parenthood through the good and the bad. For me, the 1st birthday and the 5th birthday are a huge deal. I think they are big milestones! And then of course will come others, but I find these two very important.

So we are having a big party at her preschool with all her friends and teachers. We are not doing a party on the weekend this year and inviting everyone. This time, it will be special and fun because everyone in her class will be able to attend and participate. The kids will love it.

So her birthday is next Wednesday {the 19th} and I am on vacation that week and my parents are flying down for her birthday as well. I haven’t seen them in a year and so it will be so much fun for everyone. So we have gotten almost everything for her party.

The party supplies for 24:                                                                                  The cake:

spongebob24      11326ca1

We will also be getting the piñata:


So yea, I’m excited. She wanted so bad a SpongeBob birthday, well, she is getting one. Plus I want to find her a really cute SpongeBob outfit to wear and she will also have her face painted up like SpongeBob. She will be so adorable. Another reason I can’t wait is because I will be on vacation for a whole week to celebrate her birthday and spend time with my parents so it’s coming up and it will be fun!

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