♥ T-Minus 14 Hours ♥

Yes, that is right. It is finally almost here. I have been waiting a year for my vacation and now, it’s here. Well, almost. I’m only doing a half day at work tomorrow just to get everything organized and prepared for the person who will be taking over my project for the time I will be out. I am only going into work from 8:30am-12:30pm and then I am gone for an entire week and won’t be returning until the following Tuesday. How awesome! I seriously cannot wait.

It is my daughter’s birthday on Wednesday so my parents are flying in tomorrow for it. We are going to throw a big party at her school with all her classmates and do pizza, cake, piñatas galore. Then on Thursday we are going to Disney World for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It is at Magic Kingdom and you get to trick or treat with the Disney characters from 7pm-midnight. The park is completely open like it would be any other time. You can ride the rides and do character meet and greets. We went last year and had a blast. Brought home 15 pounds of candy. Can you believe that? We still have some from last year left over too.

It wasn’t a good time last year the first round. During the parade {about an hour and a half into being there} my mom had a mishap. She got gravely ill and suffered what would be considered a small heart attack. It was super scary. So Disney rushed us to their hospital and my parents spent the rest of their vacation in the hospital. It was horrible. So they gave us free tickets to go back and since my parents were already on a plane back home, me and my husband took our daughter and it was the best time ever. So my mom and dad are back again to try this again. No more mishaps or anything going wrong. This will be a happy trip. This is the good thing about living 15 mins from Disney World. You can go whenever you can afford to go.

And we also plan on going to the beach {most likely Cocoa Beach or Daytona Beach}. And of course, my mommy promised lots of shopping at the malls. I’m so excited. New clothes for me and my daughter. And I’m getting a new ‘do as well. I have the image saved on my phone to show them to cut my hair that way. I’m so happy. I can’t wait for a new me. I love new hair cuts.

And another highlight is me and the hubby get a date night. *gasp* finally. We haven’t had a date night since last October. One year its been since we spent anytime alone. So I’m overly excited as well to be able to have one night alone to go out and rock the town and have fun. This is why I love when my parents come to town. I get to rekindle my relationship with them and also get to rekindle the relationship with the hubby. I wish we could have more then one night a year together out, but hey, when you are a parent, nothing ever comes easy, right?

So even though I am staying locally, I love spending time with my parents. I only get to see them once a year so this is awesome. Plus, they love coming down here from the cold northern weather. It’s a win-win for us all. So fun pictures to follow. But this will probably be my last post until my vacation is over as well. I really need this vacation bad too. I feel like the most stressed out person in the world and most people that meet me always tell me how stressed out I seem to be. So yea, I totally need a vacation and I hope this one goes 100% perfect.

So until next week, ciao!

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