★Shit I Hate Sunday★

It's that time again and we all know what that means.....another round of:

SHIT I HATE.....when people are late. I'm not talking about 10 or 15 mins late. Like over an hour late. Don't tell me 12pm and then show up at 1:30pm.

SHIT I HATE.....looking at the husband's ex-girlfriend's facebook page and just seeing just how beautiful she is. Makes me feel so incredibly insecure. I hate that. I hate feeling ugly all the time.

SHIT I HATE.....that I just can't look the way I want to look. I'm not really talking about weight or anything {ok maybe a little} but more cosmetic with facial things. I know I know... but still, I'm so self-conscious and I wish I could stop being like that.

SHIT I HATE.....the banks are starting to charge to use your debit card. That's stupid. Why do you have to pay to use your own money? Don't they do that already in those maintenance fees every month? This is why I quit working at the bank. They are backwards.

SHIT I HATE.....two day weekends. It should be three days long. That would be full-filling for me. On the upside, my vacation is exactly two weeks from Tuesday... hooray for that!

SHIT I HATE.....the way people drive through parking lots. No one stops at the stop signs or for any pedestrian crossing and they think they need to be a speed demon. Its so scary with a small child. I hate it.

SHIT I HATE.....migraines. I can't stress enough how much I hate them. If you have gotten them like I have, you would be saying the same thing.

SHIT I HATE.....arguments. It seems to have solved problems in the past, but doesn't work anymore. Just now pushes people away. I used to have the tactic down for winning an argument and having everything go ok. Now, it just causes more fighting.

SHIT I HATE.....12 inch finger nails. Bitch, that's some ugly shit. It ain't cute and whoever thought it was should be shot

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