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Welcome to another segment of paranormal tales

This week’s featured story is by one of my best friends in the whole wide world, Jessie {TheMilitaryMommy}. Jessie and I have been friends since High School. Some of my favorite memories are hanging out with her. So she is sharing a story this week with everyone. Her tale is titled:

 The Man In The Closet

     In 2006 I was pregnant with my first child and living in military housing in South Dakota. I remember feeling very uneasy about sleeping in the bedroom and that uneasiness only intensified when I was pregnant. I constantly felt like someone was watching me sleep so you can imagine how little I slept. There were nights where I would wake up around 2 or 3am and open my eyes to see these purple orbs above our bed and I would quietly wake the husband and ask him if he sees anything just to confirm if I'm finally losing it or not. He would confirm that he sees the purple orbs and is equally as freaked out. I'd reach up and the orbs would disappear. There were times where I'd be asleep and it would feel like hubby came and sat down on his side of the bed, but when I would open my eyes there would be no one there.
     Hubby used to work the late night shift and would basically sleep all day while I was at work. Well one day I was already gone and he felt someone sit next to him on the bed and pull his blanket down. He assumed it was me trying to wake him up so he just pulled his blanket up and rolled over and told whomever it was to leave him alone. I came home and woke him up letting him know I was home from work and wanted to know what he wanted to eat. He gave me a look and said, "Did you come home earlier for lunch or anything?" "Uhhh, no. I had lunch at work. Why?" He changed the subject.
     A few nights later I went to bed early as I was not feeling well (part of the pregnancy) and my husband was upstairs gaming. Again it felt like my husband came and sat down right next to me on the bed so I opened my eyes and I saw a man stand up, turn around, look at me and then glide backwards into the closet and disappear. I held my breath as I realized that man was NOT my husband. Then I looked over by the door and the next thing I knew this head of a man with his mouth wide open was flying quickly towards me. I screamed so loud and threw the blanket over my head just freaking out. My husband came running down the stairs asking me if I was ok and if my water broke or something (it was way too early for that in the pregnancy). He said my screams freaked him out so bad the hairs on his arms were standing up. I told him what I saw and that's when he decided to tell me about his experiences in the bedroom. Needless to say we both slept upstairs on the couch for a while.


So I remember hearing Jess tell me about this back when it happened {me and her were both pregnant at the same time and our kids are only a month and a half apart}. It still really freakin’ creeps me out hearing and reading about it. I can just picture it and it is something I do not want to think about. Really creepy. I would have slept in a different part of the house as well. Or even a hotel!

Thank you so much Jessie for sharing that story with everyone. Very crazy experience indeed. And if you have a story to share & tell, please contact me at its.just.rebecca{at}gmail{dot}com

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