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Welcome to another segment of paranormal tales

This week’s featured story is by a Paranormal Tales veteran, Chrissy {ALilDashOfDiva}. She has some very active, and often, experiences and is no stranger to letting me share them. So I thank you Chrissy for sharing yet, another tale with everyone. This week’s tale is titled:

 Is That a Ghost on the Ceiling?

My grandfather died 11 years ago. He was a funny man; he was a former Marine and a religious man. When I brought my Hubby into the family, my grandfather had already been gone for years but my grandmother adored Hubby right from the start. She couldn’t get over how much he reminded her of grandpa.

When we got married, I had framed pictures of my grandpa in our apartment. A particular picture of him in his Marine days back when he was a young man is in a small frame that I had on a shelf in our office/guest room. Fast forward a couple of months to after we are married and we find out that we are expecting a baby. We start redoing that office/guest room into the baby’s room. However I left the shelving up and the pictures too. I would go sit in the rocking chair in that room as it was coming together. We painted it blue, well, I didn’t paint it but Hubby and another friend helped him. We have ultrasounds that say we are having a baby boy so there was a lot of shopping for boy clothes. The room was decorated with fire trucks and Dalmatians.clip_image002

Eventually my due date starts to get closer; my doctor decides I need to be induced. We go to the hospital and we have our baby…except it wasn’t a boy, it was a Girl! Surprise! A few days later we are home and trying to slowly get all new GIRL clothes and redecorate the room from fire trucks to princesses. What never changed were the shelves with the family pictures on them. That picture of my grandpa. I would sit in the rocking chair and rock Hannah and sing to her and tell her stories. When she started to look around she would always look up in this one particular corner of the room and just smile. This would happen almost every time we were in her room. I would come in to check on her when she was in her crib and if she was awake; she was looking in that corner. Lying on her changing table, she would be looking in that corner. I didn’t know what to make of it, she would look up there and just smile these huge toothless smiles and coo and gurgle at something that I just couldn’t see.

When Hannah was almost one, we moved out of that apartment and into a bigger apartment in the same complex. We redecorated her room exactly the way it had been in the old apartment so she would adjust better. So of course we put the picture of my grandpa back in her room. As we got settled, we noticed it was still happening, the smiling and baby talking to the upper corners of her room. Hannah started walking shortly after we moved and she would go into her room and point at the upper corners of the room. Eventually she started to point and asks for the picture of grandpa. She would carry that picture around everywhere she went. It made me so happy to see her walking around with that picture and we of course had been telling her stories of relatives who had passed on since my grandpa and both of my husband’s grandparents had passed long before she came around. She would take the picture with her when we left the house, to her crib for naptime and just to toddle around anywhere she went in the house.

When she started talking more (around 18 months old I remember) I asked her who was in the picture she was carrying. She looked at it and then looked back at me and said ‘Grandpa Al’. I asked her do you love Grandpa Al? She got a big smile and said ‘Yes’! The older she got the longer and more in depth our conversations got in general. When she was about 2 she told me that Grandpa Al visits her. That took me back, as you can imagine. I love my grandfather and I had a really hard time when he died. It meant a lot to me that Hannah was so attached to his picture and then for her to come up with something like that was pretty surprising. I asked her what she meant that he came to visit her and she said that he visits her in her room and she talks to him. I asked her if he just started coming to see her and she said no that he tells her he has been visiting her since she was a baby. It was starting to make sense, her looking in the upper corners of her room, and smiling and talking to whatever was up there.

clip_image004A few months later, we moved to a new apartment complex in Peoria. We had a 3 bedroom apartment with the third room being a toy room/office. Hannah had gotten a bunch of toys for her birthday day had batteries. You know the ones that annoy the crap out of you yet all of your relatives buy them for your kids just to torture you? Yeah those. Anyway, she had a bunch of those and one night I was in the office doing some work on the computer. It was late, Hannah was asleep and Hubby was watching tv in the other room. Next thing I know, this toy starts going off. It scared the hell out of me. I looked over at it and it was in the ‘off’ position but was still coming on and making noise. I thought it maybe had a short or something or that the batteries needed to be changed. So I took the batteries out and threw them away. I went back to what I was doing and it happened again. Ok seriously, there are no batteries in this toy yet it is lighting up like a Christmas tree and singing at me. I was so freaked out by that I ran out to get Hubby and bring him in to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Sure enough, he saw and heard exactly what I had seen and heard.

I don’t know how that happened, but it really freaked me out. I am ok with ghosts as long as they are not there to do my family harm. If they just want to mess with us that is not cool either, but as long as we are not being hurt they can stay. Around this time Hannah started to tell us that people other than my grandpa were visiting her. Sometimes she was ok with it and other times she would be freaked out. We started to keep a baby monitor in her room again to see if we could hear anything. A few times we thought we heard whispering and would go to check on Hannah and she would be sound asleep.

Freaky? I think so too…


Ok, the end of that really freaked me out! So your daughter is now a medium? I think that’s what they call them….But that is seriously, one interesting story. She has a gift and man oh man, it would freak me out a bit. But did you ever figure out what happened with that toy going off by itself? Crazy!!! I want to thank you again for sharing another tale with everyone. Just keep them coming.

And if you have a story to share & tell, please contact me at its.just.rebecca{at}gmail{dot}com

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