♥ ITS OK Thursdays 10-13-11 ♥

Its been a couple of months since I participated in this one. So I figured, why not? Let's do it tonight
Its Ok Thursdays

it's OK.....to forget about bills sometimes. I got overwhelmed and missed one and thought the hubby would go ballistic on me, but to my surprise, he made me feel better about it. Win for me there. I was stressed all day about how to tell him.

it's OK.....to be mean on purpose to people you really just can't stand. Yea, I know, I can be a bitch when I want to. But I hate stupid people who get on my nerves.

it's OK.....to like everything everyone else hates and all the things you hate, everyone seems to love. In my case, its with movies.

it's OK.....to finally go out on a date with the hubby. We haven't been out just the two of us in a year. So we get one night next week to spend alone. I am completely and utterly uber excited. It sux having only one date night a year, but hey, that's life when you have kids.

it's OK.....to just want to spend your money on something for you. I'm so sick of giving all my money away to bills and having zero left over for anything. I'm going to buy myself something one of these days.

it's OK.....to be completely excited that my vacation officially starts this Tuesday at 12:30pm. Then I'm non-existent until the following Tuesday! Yipppeee!

it's OK.....to get to work late everyday. Hell, I'm allowed and I think I have earned it from my hard work. I can never seem to get up in the morning to actually be there at a decent time. I hate mornings. Blah!

it's OK.....to talk trash about people you hate. Yup, and I take no shame in that. Piss me off and you are on my shit list.

it's OK.....to get free stuff from strangers..lol...food, drinks, snacks...just give them the "sad been working too long and tired" look and they feel sorry for you and say its on the house! Thank you Racetrack people for the free drinks and snacks daily

it's OK.....to take pictures of yourself all the time in random bathroom stalls. Its my thing and yes, I do it all the time. Here's one I shot a few weekends ago in a public park restroom that smelled like ass and feet:
What can I say? Every photo you see of me, I have 99% of the time taken it in a public restroom. I get kick and jollys off of it! Be jealous. I know you are.. LOL

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