♥ I Was Attacked ♥

…..by a face painting monster tonight. That is right. My little girl turned my face into her own personal canvas. And it is because her daddy sat and painted her face for over an hour with all different things. So after he was done, she wanted someone to paint on. Meaning..me!

He was doing some small little things then wiping it off because he was trying to get different things to do a “SpongeBob” look. That is the theme for her party this year and so he is going to paint all the kids up as SpongeBob. So she was so excited he practiced on her.

photo 21A SpongeBob face in progress. It wasn’t complete yet and he was rubbing it off to try something else he thought about doing. And so I snapped a shot before it was completely gone.

And so when he was finished, this is what she decided to do to me:

photo 1 (1) photo 3

I know what you are thinking. You are totally jealous. Now, how sexy do I look? I know… really awesome! She painted and painted. There was so much going on and then she took that purple and painted all over it.

So then I started to look like Mel Gibson in Braveheart


I finally said alright, enough is enough and time for bed now. So she took a baby wipe and cleaned up my face and got ready for bed. I think she was trying to make me look like a movie star….she’s getting there. It was a good start :) And then maybe one day, I’ll let her attempt to put makeup on me…hahaha now that would be funny.

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