♥ Happy Halloween ♥


Because being a zombie is just so cool. I know. I look totally awesome, don’t I? I was rocking the ladybug look out and about then I somehow got turned into a zombie. Maybe it was all those mosquitos outside tonight. It was warm out. Warm enough to trick or treat in my flip flops and a t-shirt.

But see, zombies are pretty hot looking. I think I would make an awesome looking zombie. Brains! Eat Brains!

Of course, I doubt if I were to turn into a real zombie, I would not want to eat brains. Sounds yucky. I could eat ice cream and be very happy!

Happy Halloween to all my guys and ghouls out there.

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And then there is my little girl. My darling princess. Oh how she has grown so much since her very first Halloween. She was only two weeks old back then and was a little pink kitty cat.

Now she is such a big girl. This year was the first year she wanted to be something girly. In the past, it was always boy-ish things {Spidergirl, Superwoman, Batgirl, etc} but this year, it was strictly girly.

She was wearing Cinderella’s wedding gown. We found this at Disney for originally $99.50 and it was on sale for $24.99. How could we beat that? She loved it, I loved it…Perfect! Daddy wasn’t too fond of all the glitter on it, but that’s alright.

It even had little glass slippers as well. Totally adorable. Daddy did her face paint as makeup and we both took her trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for the very first time. In the past, we always had just gone to Disney {and we did this year as well} but this time, she got to experience it like I did as a kid. Just going door to door and on the way, made a friend she walked around with the rest of the night.

She got a lot more candy then I expected since not a whole lot of people were handing out candy. But she loved the experience. My beautiful little girl. How you are growing up right before my eyes.


So let your souls run free because it’s Halloween!

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