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It's another Friday and I'm linking up once again with an awesome girl, Rachel. Post anything funny to share some happiness and joy around. So here is mine for the week:

I have to first introduce this video. This is part of the "Bum Fights" phenomenon and yes, back in college, I really got into this and we spent hours laughing our asses off at these videos. But none other then Bling Bling was my fav. And this is my favorite clip of him just saying random shit.

Bling Bling the Crackhead. He's crazy. He'll do anything on camera. He'll smoke crack, rap and sing a song, take a shit in the middle of the street, talk about how he was abducted by aliens.... he's a crazy bum.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zBYVfZRGnw?fs=1&w=459&h=344]

I was so excited to find all his videos on youtube. Some are boring and some are pretty funny. But this, is still by far, my fav video of him.
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