♥ Fav Photo Friday ♥


the long roadThis I think would be my fav photo of the week. Because about 7 months ago, we were moving and I lost my wedding ring. I thought it either dropped into a box I was packing up, fell in a trash bag I threw away or got sucked up by the vacuum. The possibilities were endless. We both searched all over the old apartment but couldn’t find it. I was for sure it was gone.

And just the other day, my daughter brought it over to me and said, “Here is your ring mommy”. I was like, “Huh?”

Sure enough, she found the ring in my husband’s face painting kit. I have no idea how it got in there but it was there. So now I can finally wear my wedding ring again! Yea! for that one.

I love this ring. So I was so disappointed when I lost it. But so happy to have it back again.

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