★ What the FUCK Wednesday?! ★

WTF.....That at lunch today, I walked into McDonalds and it seriously smelled like cat piss and cow poop. WTF? That shit ain't cool when it's around your food!

WTF.....That McDonalds stopped doing their $0.49 hamburgers. Seriously? When did this happen cause I was just in there buying those. Now you take them away and your restaurant smells like a barn yard filled with piss and shit? WTF!!!!

WTF.....That this stupid old bitch could not wait three seconds while I try to cross the little intersection in the grocery store parking lot. She tried to back her Jaguar out and somehow maneuver around my car. I swear if she would have hit me or even one tiny dent, she would have been buying me a new car. She had the money. She's a in fucking Jag. WTF? Why are people so impatient. Even the old fuckers too!

WTF.....Why do I have to sit by a dumb-ass retarded idiot at work? He is lazy as shit and they just need to fire his ass. I hate him so fucking much. WTF, get rid of him, He's a moron and dead weight.

WTF.....Just WTF?! Ya know? Its how I feel!!!!

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