♥ Today's Six Words ♥

Six Word Saturday...& one thing pops into my head for this week’s post. What could be possibly on my mind? What other six words could I possible say then:


Yes, it is a holiday weekend which means I don’t have to go in to work Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Woohoo! What is better then a three day weekend & paid for? So welcome long weekend and I hope to get some relaxing in, blogging done, cleaning accomplished, working my ass out at the gym, & hopefully some unpacking in there as well. Of course, nothing too strenuous because I am on doctors orders to take it easy, relax, no stress….and stop being a crazy person who feels they are not allowed to take a break. So that is what I hope to accomplish before Tuesday rolls back around and life goes back to being stress and workloads of stuff to do. Not that everyday feels that way, but at least I can be at home and not go into the office.

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