★ Shit I Hate Sunday ★

Shit I Hate.....that there are too many bills & not enough money.

Shit I Hate.....when you feel like no one understands of cares. I hate feeling like I have no one to relate to.

Shit I Hate.....that no matter how late I stay up and clean, when I come home from work the next day it looks like five tornadoes blew through and no one seems to know where the messes came from. Well, hello!...I haven't been home to make any messes.

Shit I Hate.....how dumb some people really are. Seriously, if you were a geography major and you have to come ask me what the word "hydro" is, then why were you even born? I cannot stand the really stupid people in this world.

Shit I Hate.....people who say "its in God's hand now" or something along those lines...Hello!!!! Please stop saying that crap around me. Its annoying & I don't believe in that phony religious shit anyway. Not real or necessary so take it somewhere else to someone who gives a shit.

Shit I Hate.....that I cannot seem to get enough sleep on my days off. It would be awesome to be able to rest and sleep in when I can. So, how do we make that happen? LOL

Shit I Hate.....that the hubby spends all my days off sleeping all day so that we can't do anything as a family on the weekends. I told him to sleep on the weekdays while everyone else is gone so that on the weekends, we can all be awake at the same time. Yesterday he didn't wake up until 7pm...well, by that time, I was ready to go to bed myself.

Shit I Hate.....when the little one is sick. You can't do nothing about it and its horrible cause all they want to figure out why they can't get better. Mine has a bad cough right now. Nothing else but I hate seeing her say it hurts her to cough.

Shit I Hate.....grotty old men. Yuck... keep your eyes, looks, hands, and remarks to yourself. Nasty gross sick fuckers. Don't ask my friends how old she is and then when she replies, lick your lips and then say "that's a sweet age". Yuck!

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