★Shit I Hate Sunday★

SHIT I HATE.....that I didn't get any housework done this weekend. I took a long nap today and it felt really good and I spent all day yesterday at the park with my little one. I just wish I had a maid to clean.

SHIT I HATE.....that I finally made a mommy friend at the park and now I think I have to turn down her offer of going to her daughter's party this weekend. That makes me sad because I really wanted some friends.

SHIT I HATE.....that I might have to ask my parents again for money. Ugh, I hate that.

SHIT I HATE.....when my sim runs out of energy on the Sims Social. I hate waiting for the energy to reload.

SHIT I HATE.....that I woke out screaming bloody murder because someone decided they were going to dream about fighting and I got kicked in the back so hard, my shoulder has a pinched nerve now. Thank you. Not how I wanted to start my day. I everyone flew out of bed the moment I screamed. Thats how loud it was. Hubby fell on the floor. Shouldn't have kicked me then that hard. Yes, he sleeps at my feet cause he likes the fan on him and I don't. Thats how he got me good. I'm glad at least I wasn't facing the other way and he probably would have broken my nose.

SHIT I HATE.....that I hurt my finger and now I keep hurting it in the same place. The cut keeps opening.

SHIT I HATE.....that I don't know how to chill out and relax. I hate that I take everything way too serious and stress out all day everyday.

SHIT I HATE.....I'm just really sick of hearing about 9/11. Yes I said it. I'm really really sick of hearing about it.

SHIT I HATE.....when I'm made to feel like I'm a bad parent. That really pisses me off.

SHIT I HATE.....that every five minutes, the bible thumpin' anal boy I sit next to at work won't come out and say "shut the f**k up" but instead, yells "shut the front door". I hate that so much. I want to jab the back of his head with a fork. Its the most annoying thing ever. Who the fuck says that anyway? He needs to take that and go somewhere with it.

SHIT I HATE.....that its super freakin' hot outside. Just cool down slightly so I can lower the air. It would be nice to have less then a $500 this month. Thank you!

SHIT I HATE.....that I know it won't start cooling down til around December or January. Ugh...at least let me be able to open my windows. That would be nice too.

SHIT I HATE.....that I had so much stuff to bitch about yesterday and now can't remember it to complain about it today.

SHIT I HATE.....oh yea, one more I keep forgetting to add every week. I hate when people use the ghetto middle names in their FB account. I just want to punch them on how retarded they sound. Like:
Ashley GonnaTakeYoBabyDaddy Simmons
Karen IAmAllThat Jackson
Stephanie JeffsWifeyAndPrincess Baldwin


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