★ Shit I Hate Sunday ★

some call it bitching

There is no such thing asbitching

It is just

expressing how we feel,

that’s all





Shit I Hate…..that my husband doesn’t know the fucking meaning of “use an ash-tray”. I’m sick of picking up all the nasty ashes & things all over the table & desks & crap. Its really pissing me off to clean up after his ass.

Shit I Hate…..when people don’t stop for pedestrians in the parking lot. Especially at shopping centers where everyone is crossing. I’m sick & tired of having to fight with the cars to walk across the parking lot. I have a kid dammit, please stop trying to run me over or race ahead so you don’t have to wait the 20 seconds it would take me to cross.

Shit I Hate…..migraines. I hate them. I have been getting them since I was 5 years old & pretty much once a day too. I wish they would just go away. I get them so often, I blow them off now cause I’m like what the hell ever.

Shit I Hate…..people who sit there & complain & say “I’m so broke. We only have $20,000 in our savings account. I don’t know what we are going to do. I’m so depressed right now”. And yes, a co-worker of mine does this all the time. I want to stab her with a fork & say “Hey, I have $0.22 in the bank right now so STFU”. Just pisses me off how they complain but its more like they are bragging then expect everyone to say how sorry they are for them. Fuck you.

Shit I Hate…..that my vacation is still a month & a half away. Please hurry & get here faster. I can’t wait!

Shit I Hate…..that I am very insecure & wish I weren’t. Its not easy to change who you are. But I am trying. I wasn’t, then things happened, & now I’m driving myself insane.

Shit I Hate…..people who are only your friend to make themselves look/feel better. I hate that. My best friend {for like…… ever!} did that to me & now we are no longer friends {but still have to see each other everyday at work…sux ass cause she is such a bitch to me too} & now another friend just recently did that to me. Please, I don’t have time to be your pity friend cause you feel bad about the way you look so you use me as the fat friend as you like to put it

Shit I Hate…..when people just say stupid shit. I know we all do at times, but I mean like really stupid shit & all the time too.

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