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This story is coming a little late but now that my internet is finally back up and running, now I can post this and my other stories again. So yea to that!!!! *thumbs up*

This week’s featured story comes from a good friend of mine from high school who was kind enough to share her story with me to share with all of you. Her name is Sarah and here is her story:


Right There

Many years ago, my parents owned a home located near Confederate Hill in Columbia, Missouri. Being the oldest of three daughters, naturally my parents made me share my toys and personal space with my two younger sisters.  The time frame of the story that I am about to tell occurred when I was about ten years old.  My youngest sister was a toddler at the time so she had her own room, while my other sister and I had to share.  Lucky for us our parents had purchased a bunk-bed in which I got top bunk. 

One afternoon our parents had taken us out to a friends house in the country.  We played hard, as most kids do, jumping around in the grass.  That night after all the good-night kisses had wore off and the dreams of children played in their heads, I woke up.  I lay there wide awake staring into the darkness making out the shapeless shadows, counting my toys to be sure they were in their proper places as we had left them.  My heavy eyes shifted to a  mist that began to form beside our bed.  An old man with a thick white beard began to appear.  He slowly raised his hand, pointed at my chest, and spoke over his shoulder as if talking to someone.  He whispered, "Right there" as if he were concerned.  I sat up straight in my bed and clutched my chest not fully understanding what happened. 

Odon GuitarAt that same instant, the mist and man disappeared into the night leaving absolute darkness.  I felt a small bump just under the neckline of my pjs and began to pick at it.  When I tried to pull it off it hurt.  Scared, I jumped out of bed and ran to my parent's room.  Waking my mom and telling her what happened, we walked to the bathroom to investigate the bump.  It was only a tick.  Mom did what mom's do, pulled it off, and sent me back to bed.  She told me that I had only dreamed up the man and that there was nothing to worry about.  As I laid there in the bed trying to go back to sleep, I whispered into the night hoping the man could here me, "thank you."

Many years later and the memories of the events of that night long covered up by more important responsibilities, I had randomly started researching stories of the Confederate Hill area.  Several websites later I nearly fell out of my chair in shock as a photo of the man I saw all those years ago flashed up on the screen.  Shaking, as the memories of that night came back with a vengeance, I downloaded the photo and sent it in an email to my mom with the message, "See, I WASN'T dreaming!"

Photo of Odon Guitar. Courtesy of KC History 


That sounds like something that would have freaked me out. Especially if I were younger. I assumed he was telling you that you were going to be having chest or heart problems when he said “right there”. But that was a great experience knowing he wasn’t evil or mean. Just informing you of that nasty little bug. That is a great story Sarah. Thank you for sharing.

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