♥ New Goal ♥

Today, I can say, was not the best day. It started off being a good day. Things were going good, everyone seemed happy & then me & the Mr. had gotten into it after unpacking a few things. So then my day went from good to freakin’ poop. I hate getting pissed & upset over things. We seem to keep blaming each other & so nothing ever seems to get resolved. We have a really big love/hate relationship going on there.

Anyway, so I was furious & grabbed the child & went to the gym. I really wanted to go anyway. This just pushed me more to get my butt in there & burn off some steam. So while I was there, I chatted it up with a good buddy {thanx Rachel aka winky face}. She made me smile & cheer up to a better mood. So I was on the treadmill while texting & talking to her. She’s the best!

workoutSo then I decided to go for my usual 40 minutes of cardio & then would get off & do some arms & stuff. But I then decided “Why not go for a new personal goal?” So I did. I thought to myself I could try for an hour on the treadmill. And to my surprise, I did & then some! I was so proud of myself. Not only did I do over an hour, I did 70 minutes on the treadmill. A new record for me. Straight 70 minutes at 3.3 speed.

I normally go up to a running speed, but since I need to take it easy, I stuck to 3.3 for a fast walk. I was somins proud of myself, I had to document the moment. So I took a photo just to prove to myself I did it! However, at the pace I was going, the photos kept coming out blurry so I had to take it down to a really slow pace & then BAM! I snapped the shot & had to brag about it.

Then I got off & did two set of arms & then by that time, figured I should be heading home. I had already been there almost two hours. The first 20 minutes I went, I was in the tanning bed. Felt so good to be in that sucker. Except the cell kept going off {the husband was trying to get a hold of me} & I was getting pissed that I was being interrupted in my relaxation time. So not too bad of a workout I must say. I hope to be able to get in at least 50 minutes cardio tomorrow if I can make it there in time to go.

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