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I’m in love with both of these. I want these nails so bad! And perfect eyeshadow in one sweep? Yes please!

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Love this eyeshadow as well. I so need this one!

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I love this mascara. I use it all the time. Very awesome and love the big, long lash look it gives me. And the sugar daddy headline made my day. He will treat you right! Except this time, they are referring to nail polish O.o.O

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I must say, I’m not digging this look at all. The girl is too pale for orange and it’s too shiny on her eyes. Not my style at all! I’m more of the “smokey” eye look instead of the shiny, wet look.

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But if you really need a quiz to help you have a one night stand or not, this would be the one! I laughed so hard when I saw this. It just confused me. Why would you need this & use it’s advice? But whatever, if you want to, you want to. Just found it too funny not to post. Especially the 1st question. Uh, if you are wasted, would you even be able to read this? Don’t think so….

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