♥ I’m Stuck In My Phone ♥

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Because I love taking shots of myself in bathroom stalls. I can’t help it. It’s an obsession.

bathroom stalls + me =  photos

I’m so happy that we are getting our internet back Tuesday evening. Hurray! Our provider pissed us off so we no longer are dealing with them. So we had to call around and find one that we could do. Lots of choices and so we signed up with another company and on Tuesday it will be up and running. Thank goodness. I can live without cable {we already are} everything on cable is on the net anyway….but I just can’t live without my internet. And the phone can only do so much.

So hurray!!!! I can’t wait for Tuesday to come then I can stop trying to find a wi-fi connection around here. That’s a lot harder then it used to be.  But anyway, instagram and my phone are in love and I am in love with them. It makes picture taking so much more fun. Don’t ya think? Cheers to Saturday nights! Not that I’m ever doing anything exciting or fun anymore. But in my own little world, I imagine the day I can LOL until then, here’s to bath time with the little one and watching kiddie movies that make you want to stab out your eyes! Goodnight blogging world

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