♥ I Had A Boo-Boo ♥

So yesterday, well……was a pretty crappy day. I was having severe chest pains that started around 11pm Tuesday evening and it went all into the night. I couldn't breathe, I couldn’t move, I couldn't do anything. I started getting scared. My arms started to go numb and I finally wrapped my mind around the fact that “Becky, you are having a heart attack!”

I was completely freaked out. My mind told me I was. I felt like I was. I am too young to have one but I tried to do everything to stay calm {which didn’t work at all} and I just freaked myself out even more. So I was up all night long. I tried everything to sleep. With the pain and anxiety….well, nothing worked or helped.

I told my husband around 4am that I wanted to go to the ER. He just turned the other cheek and told me it was nothing. So I went out on the couch and tried to relax out there. The pain only worsened. So finally, it was 7am Wednesday morning. My alarm was going off to get up for work. For 30 seconds, I started getting ready for work. Then turned around and decided, I was going to the hospital. I was totally and beyond freaked out at this point.

I got dressed and drove myself to the ER in total pain and could barely move. I could hardly steer the wheel to make turns and luckily, not a lot of people were out yet on the road. My hubby thought I left for work. I never told him where I was going. I was upset and scared at that point.
I never been to the hospital I went to but it was closer to our new place then the one I previously was going to before we moved over this way.

photo 2So I went in and told the guy at the front counter I think I was having a heart attack. He kind of chuckled a bit and I didn’t think it was funny, but whatever. He told me he thinks I was probably just having a cold in my chest or something. So he did the normal, weight blood pressure, temperature, and then got me a room. It was different then other ER rooms I had been in. This was a special cardiac room. That’s what it read on the door. So I got in the gown and waited for the doctor and nurse.

This was the first time I had been to the hospital by myself before and I was nervous and scared. After talking with the doctor, then decided to run a bunch of tests for my heart and blood pressure and things. My husband called me and was shocked but not shocked to hear I admitted myself into the hospital. So luckily, I had my phone to keep me busy and chatted with some great people for a bit until the freakin thing went dead {which was only like an hour into me being there so that sucked}. I was really bored after that. Boo!

I was hoping to see my husband come to keep me company, but yea….I was pissed he never showed up. That reallyphoto 2 (1) made me sad and I cried cause of course, I completely felt unloved, and all alone. But that’s a different story. He did take our daughter to school that morning which was good but I was hoping he would come to my side afterwards. So anyway, they did x-rays of my chest to see if my heart and lungs was ok. Also, I was hooked up to a heart monitor for a while. All those cords and sticker things all over my body. The nurse had to put them in all the crazy places too. Touching me was really uncomfortable but she was nice and made me laugh.

So after a lot of hours of tests and just waiting and waiting and no phone, the doctor came back and told me everything. So first off, he said my heart looked beautiful. No worries there. Nothing odd or wrong. So that was a relief. I was scared. He said that my blood pressure was good and all the blood work came back perfect. So I’m a pretty healthy person which surprised me since I had some scares last year dealing with cardiac stuff.

I’m a troopersee….thumbs up!

photo 1But what he did say was I have something called Costochondritis. Its nothing serious nor life threatening. But it is painful and just comes and goes. It is because the cartilage between my rib cage and sternum has deteriorated and so the pressure of my lungs causes the two bones to grind against each other, causing severe pain and the feeling as if one were having a heart attack.

So its hurting because everything is inflamed and grinding and rubbing against each other. There is no cure for it or nothing that can really be done. They gave me some ultra strong ibuprofen that is anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers to help take down the pressure and make me relaxed. Which is what I totally need. They help me sleep well. And showed me some exercises to do to help stretch out my rib cage so the grinding and rubbing won’t be as bad.

So it was not fun nor anything how I wanted to spend one of my days off. But I am happy to find out what has been bothering me and relieved that it was not my heart.

                                  photo 3photo 4

                 Happy pills!          My poor boo-boo Sad smile

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