♥ Featured Blogger? Paranormal Tales? ♥

761603-bigthumbnailSo ever since I wrote a post over the weekend

{Could It Be A Ghost?}

about some paranormal activity, I have been getting a few responses of other people having a story to share and tell. So now I’m loving the responses I have got and now I’m turning to the rest of you who are interested.

I’m looking to start a guest blogger posting about paranormal experiences. Any stories, photos, etc you have to share…I want to feature you on my blog in a segment I like to call:

Paranormal Tales

So if you have had an experience and would like to contribute a story to share as a featured blogger, then please contact me at: its.just.rebecca@gmail.com or leave me a comment and I can contact you.

The story can be as long as you would like with as much detail and information as you would like. If you can include any photos or anything else along with your story, that would be wonderful too. The story should just be about any paranormal or ghost phenomenon you have experienced yourself.

I would love to hear from anyone and everyone who has a story to share. I think this could turn into something very interesting and fun to read!

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