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Well, not too much to really report. I’ve been having a really bad Friday. It started last night and I have been pretty anti-social all day due to being extremely upset. Things have not been going very good. It has to get better. But beyond the horrible screaming, crying, yelling and fighting, I had a few things to share that still keep me going.

As many of you know, my four year old beautiful girl {who is about to be a five year old beautiful girl} has been getting extremely well compliments at her preschool from the teachers. She is the only well behaved student and always listens and does what she is told and never misbehaves.

They told us that she is the most mature child in the class and has never been in time out yet. She is helpful and extremely smart. So of course, she makes me so proud of her. I am amazed at how well behaved I’m told everyday she is and I want to cry with joy for having the perfect daughter {yes, I can brag}.

Some other good news was that we finally chose a birthday theme for her this year. We were going to do an Angry Birds birthday party for her. I was so excited but we decided to nix the idea due to the time and cost to make everything for the party. So after going back and forth {she did} from:

lens17288941_1294564227disney_tangled_birthday_p    spongebob62702115510257    lens7155032_1253814223icarlybirthdayparty

She finally decided on one and she chose to have a:



So I know we will be able to have a lot of fun with this theme and I’m glad she chose one so I can start planning and getting everything together for it. I’m so excited. I love throwing birthday parties. She loves Spongebob very much and I’m sure all her little friends do too. I can’t wait for her birthday now! Neither can she.

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