♥ Day 7 Sept: Best Vacation ♥

The best vacation I believe I have had was when my parents took me and my brother to Berchtesgaden around 1992. It is like America’s Four Corners. Berchtesgaden is centered around three countries. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It was one of the best vacations I have ever had.

Being lucky enough to grow up in Germany, we had a lot of amazing family vacations and went to a lot of amazing places. But Berchtesgaden sticks out in my mind so much. So many memories and history happened there and I am glad I was able to see it in person.

These photos are not my own. Unfortunately, my parents have all of our photos in their house and so I had to find my memories through others experiences. So forgive me for borrowing these.


This map shows our route from Berchtesgaden to Salzburg, Austria. My favorite place of all. When I was in third grade, I was completely obsessed with Mozart. We went to his birth place in Salzburg and on the tour, I corrected the tour guide a few times which was the highlight I believe of mine youth and my parents were proud of me. I was a fanatic and a little tiny girl knew more then an experienced tour guide. yea.. I kicked ass!

house  salt mine - salt lake

             Mozart’s Birth Home                                                             Salt Mines

Berchtesgaden is popular for their famous salt mines as well. The tours there are so much fun and very interactive! You go down in caves and explore these incredible and beautiful mines. I even got a salt rock as a souvenir.

The next very famous thing about Berchtesgaden is that it was one of Hitler’s favorite places. Now, really wish what he stood never happened but like I said, we were seeing a part of history and we need to remember the past to never relive it.

Berghof     eagle's nest29bunker

The first picture is Hitler’s home. You can tour it and go up to it. It was bombed but has been restored. The second picture is of the Eagles Nest. It was famous during his 50th birthday where the Nazi party used to gather and one of his favorite places to get away and relax. Now, it has been turned into a restaurant over looking Berchtesgaden. The last photo is of the bunker we visited. I remember this specially because as you walk down the steps to the bunker, there were these three gun holes that were used to shoot people before they could even get to the entrance. The emotions inside this place was heavy. We walked down into it and it was like a dungeon. Steel bars and escape routes everywhere. It was crazy walking the same ground the Nazi’s did.

Another fun fact was Berchtesgaden was where we went to see the movie Wayne’s World all in German. It was hilarious. We did so much more but these places were the most memorable.

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