♥ Day 5 Sept: Something That Makes You Happy ♥

September 5th & today’s day asks to post a picture of something that makes you happy. Well besides the obvious, my child & husband…..I wanted to share something else about myself. Because obviously, they both make me happy {most days anyway}

So something that I ♥ to do to have fun or just make me feel better when I’m down is go tanning

stk21458wea   Is-Tanning-Bad-for-You

I love to tan. And although I haven’t been in a good long while, I miss going. It was something I was addicted to & I used to go everyday. It made me have self confidence & feel amazing afterwards. I just love tanning. Whether it be in the tanning bed {which I will own one myself one day. Its on my list of things to buy before I die} or just out in the sun, I love to tan. Always have & always will. It makes me so happy.

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