♥ Day 4 Sept: Family ♥

Today's September Challenge from Katie says: ALL ABOUT FAMILY

I love my family. Me and my parents have been close my entire life. I have always tried to make them proud of me and could never re-pay them for all the love and support they have given me and continue to give and help me. I would be lost without either one of them. I used to be close to my brother, but a little over five years ago, we had a fall out and he dis-owned me as a sister so now it’s just me, my mom, and my dad.

25871_101524089889449_100000955742546_10248_5236631_nI don’t have many photos at all of us together. I’m not sure why we don’t, but we never took like “family photos” so this is the most recent one I have of us together and its kind of old too.

This photo was taken on my wedding day {2.5 years ago}. It was right after my mom had knee surgery so she was weak but still a big trooper for my big day.




74152_158019800906544_100000955742546_271208_2961411_nBesides my parents, I am now a parent and have a family of my own to take care of and be there for like my parents were for me. So there is my husband, my daughter and me. Even though me and my husband have only been married for less then three years, in just a few days, we will have been together for ten years. We met when I was 19 years old and a freshman in college. And then there is my daughter. My little joy in life. When she tells me she loves me or I’m the best mommy, it makes my heart smile.

Again, we don’t have many family photos at all of the three of us together. But this one is from last year when we were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was actually cold for us that day. All the tourists were looking at us crazy in our winter coats while they were in shorts, but 65 degree weather for us is like a blizzard to them. We went because my husband’s sister was in town and wanted something to do so we all went to the Disney parks for the day. Yes, I know… I’m lucky to be able to just wake up, drive 15 mins and then at Disney World. We take our daughter all the time. She loves it. So that was I believe the last photo we took as a family together

I did find one more photo of us... more recent at that. It was taken this year and I was trying to get us all in the frame and take it but someone had to be Miss Crabby Pants. Yes, but she was upset cause she didn't want her picture taken. She got over it though. But not until after the photo was snapped.
And then how could I forget our little kitty Seven? We have had her since Christmas of last year. She was my gift from my hubby. We had just lost our pet ferret due to a heart attack and I was broken. I was so upset and sad over it. I really wanted another animal. So he let me choose a kitten and we picked her up on Christmas Eve.

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