♥ Day 2 Sept: Tell Us About Your Blog ♥

I’m catching up here on this… bare with me. Some blog overload!


Say something about my blog huh? My blog is about me {obviously} and just the random shit I think of or say and have the time to blog about. I’m trying to blog more about real things and posts then just random photos and simple little posts. But those are so much fun. There are no rules, so who cares right?

It’s about things going on in my life, with my child and husband…family, work, just all the random fun things on here like challenges and just fun things to share.

I won’t write about recipes and dinner and such since I’m not the “kitchen” type. That’s my husband’s job. I like to have a potty mouth too. Actually more in real life then on my blog, but it’s working it’s way up there.

My life makes me insane. Stress is my middle name. Holding down a family of three on one paycheck gets tough but thriving to survive is all we can do.

And I ♥ my blogging friends!

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