♥ Day 1 Sept: Introduce Yourself ♥

So since I’m a few days behind, I have a few posts of these to catch up on. Just join in as well if you’d wish. Katie’s 1st topic is Introduce Yourself!


They call me Rebecca {although I have never been a fan of that name as much as I guess I should} since it has been my name now for 29 years. Yes, I’m almost hitting the Big 3-0

I am an artist. Yes, professionally trained I might add *wink* I like to brag a little..so sue me. I have a four year old {about to be five next month} daughter and I am married to the man I fell in love with in college. We live in the Orlando, Florida area {about 15 minutes from Disney World}

I started blogs in the past but they never got anywhere and then I lost complete interest in them. Then I started this one last December and don’t know how or why, but I got completely addicted to blogging now! I love blogging. Sad, I know. I’m also addicted to the Sims & we are just a house full of technology freaks! My husband always has to have all the new video games and systems out & I can’t live without my iPhone.

I spent my entire childhood traveling around Europe. That was pretty rad. I wish I could be spending my adult life now doing the same. Wishful thinking, right?

I’m just a regular kind of gal living in this crazy world. Trying to make it day by day. Like everyone else, I’m broke & thriving to survive.

me and natty[10]


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