♥ Could It Be A Ghost? ♥

img0262rSo yes…. crazy crazy things seem to be happening ever since we moved into this townhome back in March of this year. So six months of living here, we have noticed a few strange things. My husband blames it on all my Ghost Adventure watching. He says if I wasn’t watching that show, it wouldn’t bring the ghosts to us. Yea, ok buddy….sure thing.

But things weird like when we have shut the upstairs bathroom door, it appears to open itself back up again. Or a closet light will appear on when everyone swears no one touched it.

But today was a strange. Not one, but two things happened this afternoon that just had me thinking “hmmm…this could make for something to blog about tonight

So earlier around 1:00pm, I was in the living room with my daughter and my husband walks into the kitchen and I hear the washing machine turn on. I think nothing of it cause the washer/dryer is set up in the kitchen in a closet right next to the fridge. I was about to start laundry anyway and thought he took over. All of a sudden I hear him freak out a bit. I look up and see him stopped in a jaw dropping position and look on his face. I give him the what? look. He’s like “Did you just hear that?” I said “Yea, so…you turned on the washing machine”. He said “No I didn’t. just just walked right here and it turned on”.

He is in the front part of the kitchen next to the dishwasher and I would have heard him open the door to get to the washing machine. So I was like NO WAY. So I get up and go to the washer and sure enough, it is on. I am startled for a minute and then go over and hit the button to turn it off. We both stand there for a minute and then I’m just like whatever and walk away.

So then later on this evening, around 5:00 or 6:00pm, I’m in the living room with my daughter and we are coloring together. My husband is in the bedroom watching tv. My daughter hands me another crayon to color with and as I’m grabbing the crayon and start to color, there is a cup about six inches away from my left elbow on the table. All of a sudden, I see the cup move. I’m not crazy. It moved.

As soon as the movement caught my eye, I immediately stopped everything and turned all my attention that way. It did about a quart of an inch turn and then slid about two inches toward my arm then stopped. I stared baffled at it for a few seconds in shock. Like did this just happen? sort of thinking. Then I blew it off and continued to color. When we got up so she could show daddy her drawing, I told him about it and he just laughed at me.

We always joke about a ghost but it’s weird little odd things that happen that makes me just wonder sometimes. Especially today. never two things in one day. And things seem to be far and few in between. It’s just odd.

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