♥ You Are Not A Photographer ♥

Have you seen this site before? My friend Sarah posted this on Facebook because she has her own photography thing going on {as do many people} and this is just hilarious. I ran through about 16 pages of it. But a lot of it is so true.

Myself being someone who has a passion for photography and taking photos {although I would never consider what i am doing anything in a professional matter I just enjoy it} but you know, I didn't realize just how bad people snap pictures or edit them out there.

To me, it seems really easy to get a good angle and turn out a kick ass edit from it. Even just simple things not trying to make it anything really. But man oh man, some of you out there who have your own photography thing going on or really enjoy picture taking, I think you would get a laugh out of this site.


Check it out. Its pretty hilarious. But their tag line is so very true! JUST BECAUSE YOU OWN A CAMERA, YOU ARE NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. YOU CANNOT BUY TALENT

Even if you are not into photography, the site still makes for some good amusement and some fun laughs to share!

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