Starting At Preschool

On August 15th, my little girl will be starting her first day of preschool. I'm so excited for this. She has been going to an academy since she was 5 weeks old and now she will be attending preschool and having homework and really start learning so much this next year. We have orientation on the 10th and its just the most exciting thing for me. I was hoping she would be starting kindergarten this year, but she missed the cut off date.

PreschoolYou have to have been five years old by September 2nd in Florida and her birthday is in October. But that's ok. She will just be more intelligent :)
Her school has been amazing. Since she was 13 months old, she has been learning so much there. She is four years old and can speak in four languages (English, Sign Language, Spanish, and German). I have been teaching her the piano and she loves writing her name now that she can write it out perfectly now.
I'm so proud of her. I'm one of those sappy mommas. What is also something nice is that preschool will only be costing us $500 a month now. Since she was 5 weeks old, we have been paying $1000 a month for her to go to school. So a 50% difference will help save that money for more bills and other things that need to be paid for. I was hoping it would have been like $400 a month, but I can't complain about it when we've been paying 12K a year for 4 years now.
I'm so excited about the big graduation in May as well when she will be graduating form there. I know I will cry. But that's still a while away.

pink-transformers1So for her 5th birthday, she has said time and time again, this year she wants her theme to be a unique one. She wants "Pink Transformers with Zebra Stripes". Now you know I gotta get real creative right there with I'm not sure how to pull that one off but that's what she wants so bad. Merging the three together is going to be a creative experience. Any ideas? :0)zebra cake 2


  1. At least she's a girl that KNOWS what she wants!! LOL. Good Luck with the party theme, I got nothing! :)

  2. What a beautiful cake! I'm in charge of a friends bachelorette party in a few months and she LOVES zebra print... this would be perfect for her! Thanks for the idea :) :)