★Shit I Hate Sunday★

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Now, onto my edition for this week's SIHS

Shit I Hate.....that autocorrect always wants to play nice with the cuss words. I want it to say Shit or Hell and it just wants to continuously type Shut or He'll for me. Makes no sense and irrates the crap out of me.

Shit I Hate.....that people constantly say to me "Ooohhhh so you're German then huh?" I'm like, "Uh no...." and they reply "Well you must be if you lived in Germany"...seriously, you don't have to be something just to have lived there. So if I say I live in China, that does not make me Chinese. Stupid people. It really bothers me and has for such a very ling time.

Shit I Hate.....that the dumb ass dude I have to sit next to at work constantly goes on and on about how HE is pregnant and he has started to feel the baby kick and he has doctor appointments. If you say, "Don't you mean your wife?" He looks at you and then says, "No I am". He just gets on my fucking nerves so much. I really really need to write a post about all the retarded shit this dude says to me all day long.

Shit I Hate.....when I am not in the mood to clean and really know I need to get my ass in gear. And yes, I do have times where I am in the mood to clean and want to clean. Most of those are when I'm really pissed off. Mostly at the husband.

Shit I Hate.....gas prices. I remember when I first started driving, gas was about 97 cents a gallon. Now, you have to pimp yourself out just to buy some gas.

Shit I Hate.....that my Sims has so many baby daddies and can't figure out why no one wants her whore ass. Thats what she gets. So I deleted all the doors in her house, put plants, and bookshelves everywhere and lit that bitch on fire and watched her burn! Yes, I love my Sims!!!! She was just getting on my nerves. I'm like Henry the VIII

Shit I Hate.....when I'm watching Netflix and then it pops up saying there is an issue with my account. I go and see I'm too broke for them to take their money. Screw that! I get around it though and now have my Netflix back up and working...HA

Shit I Hate.....when people bring their sick kids somewhere. Stop, turn around and go back home. This is mostly at school or at the gym. There was some really sick little girl at the gym today in the kiddie gym. I told my daughter to not go near her, don't put anything in your mouth and do not touch anything she has touched. I was so glad when I saw her mom took her and left. Just cause she wants to work out, uh...sometimes your sick child is just a little bit more important. Keep both of your asses at home.

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