♥ Shit I Hate Sunday ♥

Gosh, is it seriously Sunday again already? Well, pretty much almost over being 10pm now. Were did the weekend go? It fly out the window without a thought pretty much. So you know what that means? Another freakin' long ass work week starting up again tomorrow. Damn! Why can't the weekends be 5 days and weekdays be 2? That would be pretty awesome. Who's with me?

Need to vent or just bitch about random stuff? So do I. That's why I love Rockin' Mama's Shit I Hate Sunday Link Up. So get it off your chest and link up with her. You know you need/want to.

Let's get to it!

Shit I Hate.....when I start thinking about past events that hurt me so bad, I get so freakin emotional and shitty.

Shit I Hate.....when people talk down to you and they either get that really rude attitude or the whole "I'm better then you" thing going on. Seriously? You're the fool, not me.

Shit I Hate.....when you are looking forward to something and then plans change or people cancel. Then why the hell did you bring it up if you just turn right around to disappoint me?

Shit I Hate.....that I feel I'm making myself go insane with stress.

Shit I Hate.....that Taco Bell still wouldn't let me purchase items. In case you missed it, its the post right after this one. Its a funny read.

Shit I Hate.....the businesses are so focused on money, they seem to not care about safety of others.

Shit I Hate.....pinched nerves. At least the one in my neck has gotten a bit better since Friday but still hurts.

Shit I Hate.....trying to keep happy when I'm sad and upset. Just let me have my fit and whine and cry.

Shit I Hate.....I don't feel like I have anyone emotionally there to talk to. That can suck. Especially when I'm so damn emotional and just want someone to tell me everything is ok. The hubby doesn't understand that. He's a poopy-head sometimes. Boo!

Shit I Hate.....when you are looking forward to watching something and you turn it on, and some stupid show or broadcast replaced it. Damn you.

Shit I Hate.....when the Simpsons are on and all you want to do is watch it, but the tv station messed up and is only playing it in Spanish. Ugh, I wish there were subtitles. I can only understand German. Boo! And to add, damn you!

Shit I Hate.....that the two doctors I have been to have both said I am too overweight to get pregnant. That hurts and yes, I may not be as skinny as I was, but damn, I know a lot more bigger girls then I am that are all pregnant. Lay off of me. I miss my perfect 10 body from college. Boo to those doctors. Thats why I hate you!

Shit I Hate.....that I feel like I can't do anything fun. Everything fun, I'm too broke for. Or it's going on while I have to be at work.

Shit I Hate.....that my vacation is still two months away. Please get here sooner. I need it!

Shit I Hate.....that the handicap lady refuses to park in the handicap spot here yet, puts nasty notes on your car if you do. WTH? You never use the spot and its the only one left. Leave me alone fat bitch.

Shit I Hate..... favoritism in the work place. Need i say more on this subject? I don't think so.

Ok, well, I think that about sums up this edition of Shit I Hate Sundays. What's bothering you? Share it!

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