★Shit I Hate Sunday★

Yet another Sunday has gone by and time again for SHIT I HATE SUNDAY w/Rockin' Mama.
Not that I need anyone time for bitching and complaining, but for me, I can't get enough so this is heaven for me most days.

So shall we begin another adventure into Shit Land?

SHIT I HATE.....that I'm getting more and more lazy in doing the housework on the weekends. All I seem to want to do is just relax and play my facebook games and blog (or if I can afford it, go out and shop)

SHIT I HATE.....that no matter how hard I clean up this place, its like a freakin hurricane came through here every single day. I think it would be a lot cleaner if I could stay home and clean it everyday. I'm always bitching at the hubby for all his damn messes. Men can be so sloppy..which brings me to.....

SHIT I HATE.....why are men so sloppy? Gross! Clean up after yourselves please.

SHIT I HATE.....that the 7eleven always has their Slurpee machine constantly broken. Don't you know it sucks when you are craving a coke Slurpee and you just can't have one? Damn people breaking a wonderful machine I worship.

SHIT I HATE.....bills.... I think that's enough said on that one

SHIT I HATE.....the economy. Yea, we live in the shit hole of the USA. Let's off all the politicians and start from the ground up. Maybe things might go better. Or maybe if a woman was elected? I don't know.... but I hate all parties and politicians. They suck

SHIT I HATE.....spending $80.00 for a four year old's school supplies. The schools are killing my wallet

SHIT I HATE.....that 3D movies are limited. I really wish blockbuster would start renting them out. It would be nice to watch more on our 3D tv. On Demand has a few, but not many.

SHIT I HATE.....that the laundry doesn't wash and fold itself. Come one, we are living in the age of technology, it should have been doing stuff like that by now. I'm waiting! I want to live like the Jetsons

Well, I guess that's it for this week. If it takes me longer then five seconds to come up with something to bitch at, it's not worth writing about..lol. Until next week!


  1. The house always looks like a hurricane went through it. Most definitely here too! When they go back to school it'll all be back to normal at least here.

  2. Bwahahahaha, thanks for the laugh. New follower from Pink Dandy hop.

  3. I think I'm now craving a coke slurpee ;) But come to think of it, they are constantly broken. Also beyond jealous you have a 3D telly :P

  4. Why is that fucking machine always broken! those fuck tards pisses me off every time! we are at 300.00 so far for the boys and still need shoes and a little bit more school supplies...killing us! damn kids.