♥ Saturday's The Word ♥

So Saturday is a popular day for "word" posts. So I'm putting both of them together. One hop has six words, the other has three... let's see what things I can think of today.....


Yea, so we never get anyone knocking at our door except like the FEDEX guy or the maintenance people {we live in an apartment complex}. We aren't neighbor friendly or anything like that or just have friends that swing by. But all early afternoon today, we had people coming to the door. None other then to spread the word of their religion...lol..yea, they can keep it. If hubby would have answered the door, I really would have said some things that they would probably be throwing holy water all over me for. But we don't answer our door to strangers.
But yea, so two people came knocking on our door and then another person about an hour later. I'm like...geeezzzz. Both me and the hubby said "is today the door knocking day or something?"


Thats right. I have decided to enjoy my Saturday by not cleaning. At least not for the majority of the day. I use my entire weekend most of the time to clean and I want to enjoy my Saturday today and just play on blogger, play my little facebook games, and watch tv.

My husband fell asleep watching football {so I don't have to worry about him, he's fine in the room} and my little girl is playing her games on her computer {yes, she is 4 and plays facebook games as well...what am I gonna do with her} and she's also harassing the cat by trying to play "Beauty Shop" with her.

So since its raining and hot as crap outside, I would rather be lazy right now {and have been all day so far} relaxing and not thinking about work since I can right now.

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