New Buttons

Well, I've been working a little more each day to get my new blog design a little further along and complete. So in case anyone has used my button(s) here are some new ones you can replace the old ones with.

The new buttons are for:

My Main Blog
The Buzz About Me [wednesday Q&A blog hop]
That Friday Blog Hop [friday blog hop]




Go ahead and grab these if you'd like and dump the old apple ones. Thank you everyone. And if you happen to take my button, leave a little comment below so I can come over to your blog as well.

Thanks a bunch for reading and being a great supporter in my blogging world! Love you all

xoxo rebecca


  1. Question: How does one make a button?Is there an instruction video or something. I see everyone has these neat buttons and would like one myself.Thanks-Jill

  2. Thanks! I will read through all that and make an attempt. I appreciate your help-Jill